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Getting the input field of only one item


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Hey guys,


first i want to apologize for my english and hope you still understand the meaning of it.


I list items that you can buy and also choose the number, how many items you want to buy. Code:

foreach ($furnis as $f) {
     echo "<h3>$f->name</h3>";
     echo "<h5>".number_format($f->price, 0, ",", ".")." Taler</h5>";
     echo "$f->quantity x";
      if($money >= $f->price) {
      echo "<input name='quantity' type='number' min='1' max='$f->quantity'>";
      echo "<button type='submit' name='buy' value='$f->id'>Buy</button>";
      }else {
        echo "<button>Not enough money</button>";

To get the aricle, which is clicked is easily done with getting the ID:

$id = input($_POST['buy']);

Now my question is, how to get the quantity (inputfield) right?

When I try the same:

$quantity = input($_POST['quantity']);

I do not get the quantity. Of course I get it, if only one article is displayed, but there are many more. So instead of getting the quantity of the article the person clicked on, i get a random quantity from an other article.


How can I do it right?

Thanks for any help

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