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Error working with Object array nested inside a json

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Hello everyone.

please I have problem with printing out a value from inside an array of a nested json. ive tried several ways its always returns "index not define".
here is the code .

$valr= "https://ice3.com/api/v1/orderbook/ticker";    ////////////////////////////source

	 $valrGet =  file_get_contents($valr);
	 $valrD =  json_decode($valrGet, true);
	 $valrSell = ["ask"] ["price"];

Here is the structure of the json from the source :


my target is to  output  the value of  ("price") from "pair_name"   BTC\/ZAR

please help. Thanks in advance

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However, using the string just as far as the the first entity

$valrD = json_decode(valrGet, true);
echo '<pre>$valrD = ', print_r($valrD, 1), '</pre>';




$target = 'BTC/ZAR';

foreach ($valrD['response']['entities'] as $k => $ents) {
    if ($ents['pair_name'] == $target) {
        echo "$target asking price : {$ents['ask']['price']}<br>";

outputs "BTC/ZAR asking price : 179382.54"


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