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[SOLVED] Double row INSERT issue with PHP and MySQL


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I'm wondering if I could get some help on an issue I'm having with a site that I'm on.  I have two pages.  The first page has an HTML form (nothing fancy, just some input boxes and a submit button).  On the second page I have this code:

$contentid = $_POST["contentid"];
if ($contentid == "") {$contentid = 0;}
$contenttypeid = $_POST["contenttypeid"];
$title = $_POST["title"];
$subtitle = $_POST["subtitle"];
$body = $_POST["body"];

$SQL = "INSERT INTO em_content (ContentTypeID, UserID, Title, Subtitle, Body, DateAdded) VALUES (" . $contenttypeid . ", 1, '" . 
	 $title . "', '" . $subtitle . "', '" . $body . "', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)";

$con = mysql_connect("localhost","kccdenve","kccit1");
mysql_select_db("kccdenve_km", $con);
if (!mysql_query($SQL,$con)){
 die('Error: ' . mysql_error() . '<br/><br/>' . $SQL);
echo "done...";

As you can see I grab the items in the $_POST, set them to variables and generate an INSERT statement.  I then connect to my DB and run the INSERT statement using mysql_query().  The problem is, after the INSERT statement runs, I look at the em_content table that it was supposed to make the INSERT to, and there are two rows of the exact same data.  I have an auto incrementing ID set up as the PK of the em_content table so the value of that column is different but otherwise the two rows are exactly the same. 


The code above is ALL the code I have on the second page.  I stripped everything else out to try to isolate the issue but in the end, it still inserts the row twice.  I obviously need it to just insert once.  Has anyone run into this issue before?  If so pleeeeaaase help!

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