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Cron Delete based on date...


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Hi Folks,


I've made a shopping cart and basically I want to delete data out of a few tables which isn't needed (and I want to know the sql on how to do it!)


Basically they'll be loads of order rows (amongst other things) which will be stored and won't be needed (the customer hasn't completed the order etc). I'm thinking the best way to clear out the data which isn't needed is via cron.


I'm going to log when each row is added to the table with a timestamp... I then want to be able to delete rows from several tables which are 10 days old... I've got a cookie logged on the customer's pc which expires after a week. This cookie is their unique id which logs loads of of different things in various tables (order rows, coupons, postage etc.)


I want to put the sql into a cron job and run it everyday.


Anyone any ideas... I've tried messing with ADDDATE but I'm still not sure what I'm doing.


Thanks in advance,

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Would it be a 2 step process... ?


1. Get the timestamp from the table.

2. Then add 10 days to the timestamp and compare it against today?




Can it be done in one sql statement? Something like?



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