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[SOLVED] ORDER BY starting from '1'


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SELECT f.`frid` , f.`order` , f.`friendId` , u.`usLogin`

FROM `friends` AS f

LEFT JOIN `users` AS u ON f.`friendId` = u.`usId`

WHERE f.`usId` = '5'

ORDER BY f.`order` ASC

LIMIT 0 , 30


This returns everything correctly, however. The field that I'm ordering by, `order`, has a NULL value by default so it brings ALL of the NULL values first, and then orders ASC on `order`.











I know I can add to my WHERE clause with something like "AND `order` != NULL" but I _want_ records with a NULL value to show up, but just to be sorted to the bottom of the list when ORDERing BY. So really I want the ORDERing to start with '1'...


I'm pretty sure I can use a PHP function, but I just cant seem to figure out which and I'd prefer to do it with SQL if possible.



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