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What do you think of my layout for Flash Game Reviews?


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Here is what I have so far: http://www.trenttompkins.com/layout.png


Basically the site is going to have reviews of flash games and articles. It has a tag system, that I would like to incorporate, but an not quite sure where. It also has featured games, so I need to make a featured games section.


I was thinking about adding a section for the most played games. I also planning on adding a 'similar games' features - so if you are reading a review for tetris, it will recommend a couple other high ranked puzzle games, preferably with similar keywords as tetris.


I am mostly just looking to see what you guys think, and if there is anything you would change. I am thinking the article titles on the left side nav might need changed, and was thinking about making the links black instead of blue, but am not really sure.



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is that black space at the bottom left corner going to be taken up??? its need to be...


do that underline effect, that would look good...


to much empty space on the left side of the nav menu....


you should have a direct link to the game along  with the review, or embed the game right in with the review.


where are you ad's going to be placed? seems like that black part of your top graphic , if expanded a little, could hold a good banner-sized ad.


i'm actually creating a gaming website too. it won't have reviews or anything, but can i send you me design for review too???


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