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[SOLVED] Cell background template images?


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I have been trying to figure out how people make cell background images and implement them.  An example would be:




I am finding it hard to explain my question, but I am talking about the individual bubbles that have the pale background for the cell title and the white body background and the entire cell has a gray shadow border.


I want to think it has something to do with classes but I am not for sure I would much like to better understand this concept.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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you have to set the css background property url value for the cell to a image of your choice. you also will need to set a default height for these cells; so the entire background image will be viewable; even if there is not much content in the cell.


something like:


<td style="background:url('bubbly.jpg');height:50px">



the above example is a "in-line" style, but you can add it to a class or id in an external stylesheet or embed the css into your individual pages.

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