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  1. Try using the name server IP's that Comcast gave you and do a [url=http://remote.12dt.com/]reverse DNS Lookup[/url]. Otherwise, Comcast should have given you additional nameserver info. especially for your router configuration.
  2. :) Way to go placeholder text! Actually I'm in the middle of CSS design. Right now, just tables. Sorry for that confusion.
  3. Long time, no see. So I've let you guys hack apart sites for my clients. Thought I'd put mine on the butchers block now that I have time for one. Click and tell me what you think, I only have the front page sort of done and the about section, the rest is under construction. http://www.roddzilla.com Thanks in advanced!
  4. Links like that are used by a server side language to pass variables to a webpage through the URI. This is not necessarily an apache question. It applies more to learning and using PHP (or any other server side language). There are plenty of resources out there for learning PHP: http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp http://www.phpbuddy.com/article.php?id=17 There's also plenty of text out there (PHP for Dummies, etc) to get you started.
  5. The "Apache" term for an IIS Virtual Directory is an alias. Using apache aliases is really simple. Search for: # Aliases: Add here as many aliases as you need (with no limit). The format is # Alias fakename realname A few lines under, there might be an alias already set up. For example: Alias /icons/ "D:/My Documents/My Webs/Apache/icons/"     <directory "D:/My Documents/My Webs/Apache/icons" >         Options Indexes FollowSymlinks MultiViews Includes         AllowOverride None         Order allow,deny         Allow from all   </directory> Add as many aliases as you need, listing the path to the folder on your hard drive, using the same format as previously listed. If you are utilizing Server Side Includes (SSI) you must make sure the text “Includes” is listed or SSI will not render properly when testing in Apache. Hope this helps.
  6. I have files in my directory structure that are being called using AJAX. I want to keep apache from recording the access of these files in access.log, seeing as they are being called once per second per user. Is there a way to keep apache from logging accesses to a specific file or directory? Thanks! R_P
  7. Because PHP and extension are written in C, I figure thats what I'd better start learning. Anyone have good suggestions on where to get: A. A good (and by good I mean free) editor and/or compiler for C. B. An online tutorial or lessons that would at least get me in the write direction. Already tried a Google search to make sure nothing was glaringly obvious. I've been coding PHP for the last 4 years and have started doing PERL scripts, (with of course some java thrown in there but who hasn't?) figure nows a good time to up the ante! Thanks! Ryan
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