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  1. I don't know when you looked, maybe you looked when I uploaded the new version. But anyway I got it to work now. It's placed in the exact position I wanted it to be placed. The only problem I have now is that it shows up a tad bit too late, it's animated together with the sub-menu. Not sure how exactly to fix that, but I'll tackle that problem sometime later, I just have too much else to do now. Thanks again for your help. EDIT: The arrow didn't show up because I had the path wrong, jQuery path seems to work differently, I thought if I add it to the JS folder and simply directly call it would work, but it doesn't strangely I had to put it in the wordpress folder (outside of the theme). I will define a better path later once I've figured out how jQuery paths work.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion btw, I got it to work on the test page: http://www.webprofitideas.com/css_testing/ And I "technically" got it work on my blog with Superfish as well, the only problem I have is that arrow is not showing up at all. You can have a look it here, if you simply hover over CONTACT http://www.webprofitideas.com I made the background red on purpose so it's visible where the arrow SHOULD be, I can not figure out why the superfish_arrow.png is not showing up at all, any ideas?
  3. It indeed works, I stand corrected. So I think if I assign a div into the SUB-MENU with jQuery for example (meaning without touching the source code or superfish) I may be able to achieve the same thing that you showcased on your link.
  4. How is that supposed to work? Top only works with position:absolute AFAIK.
  5. I've set up a test page trying to move the triangle shortly above the menu bar, but unfortunately when I adjust the top attribute to a negative number of the background-position then the arrow simply gets cut off, because of the division. Here's the test page: http://www.webprofitideas.com/css_testing/ I want to have the triangle right above the SUB-MENU (the blue line) when somebody hovers over the menu items of my blog on http://www.webprofitideas.com, I use the jQuery plugin Superfish for the navigation bar. I'm not even sure if my approach is the right way do to so, by simply using the triangle as a background, maybe there's a better approach. I'd appreciate some suggestions.
  6. lol mjdamato, I was surprised at first too, but then I got used to it, I think it is part of the robustness of WordPress, since ever I'm using it I have not seen it break once, only third party plugins will cause problems, and now imagine all these plugin developers have full control over the database -> even more problems. I'm not a pro though, but that's how I imagine it to say the least. And thanks for the tip about ditching the foreach loop, didn't even know it will work like that!
  7. As I've mentioned this is for WordPress, and it may seem absurd to you but this is quite common practice in WordPress development, you can not simply create and manage databases like you'd normally do. You have one "options" database, and there you're allowed to add your own rows with values, and if you're an economical and efficient thinker who also considers that many other people use the same database like plugin developers for example, then you'd group all your associated values in one row instead of cluttering the whole database up and making it a mess for every body else. Hope that clears it up. I will try your suggestion and see if it will do the trick, the code got a bit complex so that I lost the overview. =P Thank you a lot BTW, your approach worked very great, just FYI I wrote above code when I started and knew nothing about WordPess' admin panel, that's why it's so flawed - all I had to do with rewrite the code into this very simple and clean version: if ($hide_pages_save) { foreach ($page_id as $id) { $page_id_string .= $id . " "; } update_option ('exclude_pages', $page_id_string); } Now it's working as expected. The WordPress specific update_option function does the same as your SET command of your MySQL query.
  8. Thank you a lot, I got it to work. I'm learning how to write clean code as I go, I have already re-written a lot but I'll try to do a much better job on my next project. And I will research the so called "grid system" tomorrow (it's late over here). If you have any cool links about that I'd appreciate that. What are you doing for a living are you some type CSS specialist? Thanks again.
  9. Let's say I have a list like this and in the parenthesis are the values: Page A (24) Page B (63) x Page C (33) Page D (22)x Page F (87)x Page E (45) The X mark the ones which are checked with a checkbox, and the values get inserted into the database in ONE row as follows: 63 22 87 (separated with spaces) And now an update to the list has been made, one x has been unchecked, the list looks as follows: Page A (24) Page B (63) x Page C (33) Page D (22) Page F (87)x Page E (45) How can I now know which checkbox exactly has been unchecked, so that I can remove that specific value from the row in the database? Once I've figured that out I'll figure out the rest. Basically what I need to know is: - that an uncheck has been done (removing) - an which value exactly has been unchecked Just FYI I need this for the admin panel of WordPress ones the user has checked a few options then the options will be saved and they'll be auto checked on the next visit. Checkbox list has the name like this: name="exclude[]" And then I simply use a foreach loop to go through all the values. Here's the code for the list: <ul> <!-- Right Section --> <?php $pages = get_pages(); $get_exclude_id = explode (' ', $get_exclude); foreach ($pages as $pagg) { ?> <li> <?php $option = '<input type="checkbox"'; if (in_array ($pagg->ID, $get_exclude_id)) { $option .= " checked "; } $option .= 'name="exclude[]" value="'. $pagg->ID .'" />'; $option .= $pagg->post_title; ?> </li> <?php echo $option; } ?> </ul> Here's the code for updating the ROW in the database. // add or update navi bar options if ($submit) { $get_exclude = get_option ('exclude_pages'); $page_id_string = $get_exclude . " "; foreach ($page_id as $value) { $page_id_string .= $value . " "; } update_option ('exclude_pages', $page_id_string); } Only works for adding values, but not for removing as of now. I hope I could explain clear enough to follow and I hope to hear some suggestions.
  10. On the start page of my blog: http://www.webprofitideas.com I added a picture frame to the slider, and now it will not center. If you look at it with Firebug the CSS for it is in slider.css and the specifc ID is #slider_wrapper (the container of the slider with the border as the picture frame which I'm trying to center). I've done everything that is required to center a div. - assign width - position: relative - and then margin: 0 auto 0 (auto left and right) Still, it's not working, any ideas why?
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