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  1. I would have already contacted my insurance company already if I was you.
  2. There was a flood? First you said it rained, there is a difference to the man.
  3. I think businesses MAY be eligible for federal assistance if they live or own a business in a county declared a major disaster area by the President. I am sure there are many hoops to jump through.
  4. LOL, what a hoot Are you in the states? Are you around Isaac? If so FEMA may help
  5. Worked great Pikachu... and yes I remembered to turn apache on & off for testing Thanks everyone
  6. Thanks everyone, I'll test and come back and mark solved, hopefully.
  7. so ... if (function_exists(magic_quotes_gpc = on)) { stripslashes() mysqli_real_escape_string() } else mysqli_real_escape_string()
  8. Maybe a session and if for some reason there is no session ... back to the index.php
  9. http://php.net/manual/en/function.function-exists.php says "Return TRUE if the given function has been defined" so ... if (function_exists(magic_quotes_gpc)) { stripslashes() mysqli_real_escape_string() } else mysqli_real_escape_string() would be how I would use it?
  10. I have a small site and right know for strings I use mysqli_real_escape_string. However when moving me to another server my provider left magic_qoutes on. So strings started adding slashes in code I wrote (but not in wordpress and smf for some reason(?)). I've emailed them and informed then that I wanted the m_qoutes off. This is the second time this has happened in a year and a half. Anyway, would it be bad form to have stripslashes() just before mysqli_real_escape_string as back up?
  11. Unknown column 'student_id' in 'field list' It's thing like this that make me feel good about myself.
  12. As a note I saw a web site one time that had a question like "What is the second word in the sentence at the top of the page?" or something like that. I also had a pic of a manual captchua I did (just one) and it worked, the numbers were 4321 on a jpg with some lines through it and if you're a small site that may be all you'll need. But the question above worked very good.
  13. Thanks for the replys This is in a loop and it works $image = FALSE; if ($board['id'] == 9) {$image = '9999999';} echo ' </a> </td> <td class="info">'.$image.' '.' <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; However when I take out the $image = FALSE; $image prints in all the loop's results. Why does it do that? Shouldn't $image be empty? Anyway this works and I'll make a switch statement later if ($board['id'] == 9) {$image = '9999999';} else {$image = FALSE;} and it works fine
  14. I've been trying to format an echo statement to include a condition but I always have to split it into two or three echo statements. echo '</a> </td> <td class="info"> <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; Say I start with the above I'll then make it this echo '</a> </td> <td class="info">'; if (this) {echo 'That';} echo '<a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; How can I include a condition with out extra echo's? I've tried this with and with out brackets and parenthesis and of course it doesn't work. echo '</a> </td> <td class="info">'.{if (this) {echo 'That';} }.' <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; Thanks
  15. I like smf but if it has to be it has to be. I belong to Larry Ullman's forum, link it's IPB and I haven't been there in almost a year and at the time I thought the user info and set up sucked. But I just went back and it looks clean and he's changed some things. I don't think the pictures were there with the post topics and my profile stuff seems easy to navigate this time.
  16. thorpe that was really a great and simple solution though I wonder where will I get that password? Sorry, didn't read your 2nd post well To make a new pw I use ... $pw = substr( md5(uniqid(rand(), true)), 3, 10);
  17. Once the pw is hashed you can say it's impossible for joe average, AKA people like you and me, to get the pawword out. I know sites that can email you your password when you foregt it, not email you a new password. I would guess they have another table with the password in it, I would also guess they don't put it in the members table.
  18. Is this something you built or is it something like wordpress?
  19. I think myqli_affected_rows($data_base_connection) for INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE if (myqli_affected_rows($data_base_connection) == 1) { }
  20. This does seem odd, what kind of code tweaks? Can you give an example?
  21. What are some examples of the kind of stuff you're having to change?
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