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  1. Unknown column 'student_id' in 'field list' It's thing like this that make me feel good about myself.
  2. As a note I saw a web site one time that had a question like "What is the second word in the sentence at the top of the page?" or something like that. I also had a pic of a manual captchua I did (just one) and it worked, the numbers were 4321 on a jpg with some lines through it and if you're a small site that may be all you'll need. But the question above worked very good.
  3. Thanks for the replys This is in a loop and it works $image = FALSE; if ($board['id'] == 9) {$image = '9999999';} echo ' </a> </td> <td class="info">'.$image.' '.' <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; However when I take out the $image = FALSE; $image prints in all the loop's results. Why does it do that? Shouldn't $image be empty? Anyway this works and I'll make a switch statement later if ($board['id'] == 9) {$image = '9999999';} else {$image = FALSE;} and it works fine
  4. I've been trying to format an echo statement to include a condition but I always have to split it into two or three echo statements. echo '</a> </td> <td class="info"> <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; Say I start with the above I'll then make it this echo '</a> </td> <td class="info">'; if (this) {echo 'That';} echo '<a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; How can I include a condition with out extra echo's? I've tried this with and with out brackets and parenthesis and of course it doesn't work. echo '</a> </td> <td class="info">'.{if (this) {echo 'That';} }.' <a class="subject" href="', $board['href'], '" name="b', $board['id'], '">', $board['name'], '</a>'; Thanks
  5. I like smf but if it has to be it has to be. I belong to Larry Ullman's forum, link it's IPB and I haven't been there in almost a year and at the time I thought the user info and set up sucked. But I just went back and it looks clean and he's changed some things. I don't think the pictures were there with the post topics and my profile stuff seems easy to navigate this time.
  6. thorpe that was really a great and simple solution though I wonder where will I get that password? Sorry, didn't read your 2nd post well To make a new pw I use ... $pw = substr( md5(uniqid(rand(), true)), 3, 10);
  7. Once the pw is hashed you can say it's impossible for joe average, AKA people like you and me, to get the pawword out. I know sites that can email you your password when you foregt it, not email you a new password. I would guess they have another table with the password in it, I would also guess they don't put it in the members table.
  8. Is this something you built or is it something like wordpress?
  9. I think myqli_affected_rows($data_base_connection) for INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE if (myqli_affected_rows($data_base_connection) == 1) { }
  10. This does seem odd, what kind of code tweaks? Can you give an example?
  11. What are some examples of the kind of stuff you're having to change?
  12. This may help and it's how I do it // find out if url has the word local in it and if the ip matches my local ip if (stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 'local') || (substr($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 0,7) == '127.0.0')) { $local = TRUE; $home = 'http://localhost/mywebsite'; } else { $local = FALSE; $home = 'http://www.mywebsite.com'; } Then links are echo '<a href="$home">Home</a>'; or what ever. Like ChristianF said there should be almost no difference. With the above I can move files back and forth with no problem.
  13. What line number is the error on? Look at the line number and see what's wrong. Compare that to the input query
  14. That doesn't matter, md5 will make the hashed pw string 32 charters long. If your db table is only allowing 30 or less charactors it's cutting 2 off.
  15. $q = "SELECT id FROM users WHERE email='$e'"; $r = mysqli_query ($dbc, $q); if (mysqli_num_rows($r) == 0) { // Available. run insert } else{ echo this email is taken} Also and this is a big also you need to clean/secure your data before you put it in the db table.
  16. Before the INSERT do a SELECT that looks for one or more of something, ie an username, email, location or all or more.
  17. What does this mean? How big is your table? If it is big can you use phpmyadmin to look up the username to view the hashed password to see if they match. This is good but do this later, first thing first.
  18. I think session_register is deprecated. Use $_SESSION['thing'] = 'thing'; Also why put the password in a session? And what Drongo_III said.
  19. Argh, I think it's argh anyway back to business ... I guess that's all BuildMyWeb and I can add to the buffet.
  20. Off hand I say add height or min height to the div or have font tags that are the same type font as you'll be using with a line height.
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