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  1. Hav you paced your project correctly in the htdocs folder? (if your are using XAMPP) Otherwise try following this guide: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/setup_php.html
  2. Hi Dale, Thanks for the feedback... MY CPC is normally at arround 1%, and since these affiliate links are much more integrarted into the article and site overall, I think the CPC could be a bit higher At least i hope
  3. Hi everyone, I have just created this affiliate sub-page where I compare webhosting providers in Denmark. Page: Sammenligning af webhoteller All links for all hosting providers are affiliate links. Do you think this is a good approach and is the text ok? (use google translate) In other words, do you think people will click and possibly ean me a comission? Thanks for the feedback!
  4. I think that would be a really cool "freelance it guy" website! ( I guss thats what you are) However, when I first look at it I dont get the feeling that this a website for a single person freelancer. First of all you write "we" in the banner text but down below you write "me" - So what are you? A firm or a single man operation? I would probably make it more personal and build a website arround you as a good it guy :-P
  5. Hi guys, Thank you very much for the feedback so far! Also the "Danish" one ;-) The issue with the navbar should not happen if you actually use a smaller screen as the facebook like box will disapear at a certain screensize. This off course does not work if you just minimize your window. Regarding the boxes to the right, I will consider doing something else, because you are right...it does not work 100%.
  6. And sorry... its in Danish - maybe you can use google translate if you also want to give me feedback on the content
  7. I dont like it either... You should change the color of the text area so that it does not look like its part of the background...
  8. Hi Guys, I just redesigned my site in order to make i mobile friendly. I was seeing an increase og mobile traffic og almost 20%, so something had to be done! You can se the current site here: Lav din egen hjemmeside fra bunden (make your own website - the site is about tutorials, just like phpfreaks ) It would be really cool if you would test the responsiveness of the site and maybe com with some design improvement suggestions. If you are intereste you can see how the site used to look like here: The Old versions of the site I really hope you like the new design and look better
  9. If you are in doubt another time, then just validate your site in W3validator or like...it will tell you exactly where your error is located
  10. Really nice and usefull tool... i studied chemestry a few years ago, and back then i could have used a site like this! so thumbs up! Is it made with html5 drag and drop??
  11. If you use tutorials such as the ones you find at W3schools it ussualy says what browsers that support the given feature. Then you can decide to use it or not. As far as i know most browsers support the main HTML5 functions by now so you should be able to use it on your website. Offcourse if you have visitors still using browsers like IE7 then mabye you should wait ;-)
  12. The functionality is great - simple and easy to navigate. However i think its a bit borring to look at...a bit 90´s mabye I would use some more colorfull colour and mabye some round coners etc.
  13. I like it, but I dont see the connection between the background beach and health food? I general i dont get the feeling og foods when visiting the site... Mabye you should use some images of fruits etc.?
  14. I dont see the image size problem... Most people have fast internet now adays and it dont take more than a second or so to load the images... I dont know what the format is...but if you change it to a .png image it might reduce the size of the image---
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