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  1. Hi All, When I put echo memory_get_usage(); at the very beginning of a php file I get 51207808. Is this normal while there is not much processing to do ? This happens even for very small php files that only display html syntax. Thanks!
  2. phdphd

    Mysql Starts Then Stops

    I uninstalled, and reinstalled my LAMP stack, and restored the database. Everything is back to normal now.
  3. phdphd

    Mysql Starts Then Stops

    I initially created the database using phpmyadmin. Since then I had an issue (HD crash) a couple of years ago you helped to solve. From that time I had no issue while feeding the above mentioned table every 4 months.
  4. phdphd

    Mysql Starts Then Stops

    After some fixing, I no longer have this error, but instead I have the following one : In the file my.ini, in the [mysqld] section I added However I still get the same error on server restart. I also noticed the presence of a file called "ibtmp1", whether the server is running or stopped. Should I put it also in the innodb_data_file_path option ? In the message, the table_name is a quite large table (around 4 MB) that is regularly fed with new records. This is the first time I have this error. Thanks!
  5. phdphd

    Mysql Starts Then Stops

    Hi All, I have been using the uWamp package. Since this morning while Apache starts correctly, MySQL starts then stops. What does this line mean in mysql log :[ERROR] unknown option '--datadir C:/UwAmp/bin/database/mysql-5.7.11/data' ? Thanks!
  6. HI All, On Windows 10 systems (and I guess on others) there is a display setting called something like «Change the size of text, apps, and other items » that the user can set to their liking (100%, 125%, …). Let’s suppose UserA et UserB each use exactly the same laptop (same brand, same model, Windows 10 installed, same physical screen resolution) and that they use the same web browser with zoom level set to 100%. Let’s suppose also that UserA sets the above Windows 10 display setting to 100%, and that UserB sets it to 125%. For a given web page, UserB will likely see the text in a bigger size than UserA. Is there a way for a web developer to take this into account with pure CSS in such a way that their website looks the same on both computers ? Thanks!
  7. phdphd

    Apply Hex Color To Div With JQuery

    Hum, I think I need to go to my ophthalmologist...
  8. phdphd

    Apply Hex Color To Div With JQuery

    Yes I am sure it comes from css(). And it works with any color by name, like red or FireBrick.
  9. Hi All, I am trying to apply some fading effect to a Div, for which I want also to set an hex color. This works : $('#myDiv').css('color', 'blue'); $('#myDiv').fadeIn(5000, function() { $(this).delay(3000).fadeOut(3000); }); This doesn't: $('#myDiv').css('color', '#050709'); $('#myDiv').fadeIn(5000, function() { $(this).delay(3000).fadeOut(3000); }); Thanks !
  10. Hi All, Is it possible in JS (or jQuery) to get the height of the contents of a scrollable DIV ? I am not looking for the height of the scrollable DIV itself, but its contents (i.e, height of visible content + height of not visible content). Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I want to make a div follow the mouse vertical position, with some fading effect. It turns out that the code does not stop running despite the "off" method. I would like to make it run just once every time the mouse is moved. Thanks! $(document).on('mousemove', function(e){ $( "#nav2" ).delay(2000).fadeIn(1000).delay(2000).fadeOut(1000); $('#nav2').css({top:y = e.pageY}); $('#nav2').off('mousemove'); });
  12. Hi All, I have been struggling and googling for a few days and found no solution so far. I have a leaflet map with clusters that helps user search for events in specific areas of a city. This map works correctly. Below the map there are DIVs, where each DIV gathers information about a part of the events. Each DIV has a clickable icon. When the user clicks an icon pertaining to one of those DIVs, I want to display another leaflet map in a printable popup window. I could make this work with a Google static map (for which just a link is needed), but it turns out to be harder with leaflet. Basically the window popup is built using « generator.document.write » pieces of code. The issue I am facing is that no or just one tile loads. Here is how the js code looks like : function printinfo(el,el3){//el=hidden div in the main page, that contains another div (el3) where will be inserted the map. document.getElementById(''+el3+'').innerHTML = "<div id='mymap' style='height:400pt;width:400pt;'></div>"; var tiles = L.tileLayer('https://maps.wikimedia.org/osm-intl/{z}/{x}/{y}{r}.png', { attribution: '<a href="https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Maps_Terms_of_Use">Wikimedia</a>', minZoom: 1, maxZoom: 19 }),latlng = L.latLng(0.00, 0.00); var map = L.map('mymap', {center: latlng, zoom: 19, layers: [tiles]}); /*here goes some code that feeds the map with markers and fits it to bounds*/ var generator=window.open('','name','height=1000,width=800,scrollbars=1'); generator.document.write('<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Hello<\/title>'); generator.document.write('<link rel="stylesheet" href="xxxx" />');//here go all the links to css files, including leaflet ones generator.document.write('<\/head><body>'); generator.document.write('<div onclick="javascript:print();" id="print_icon"><img src="..\/images\/images_misc\/print.png" alt="" title=""><\/div>'); generator.document.write($("#"+el).html()); generator.document.write('<script>function print(){document.getElementById(\'print_icon\').style.display="none";setTimeout(function(){ window.print(); document.getElementById(\'print_icon\').style.display="block"}, 500);}</script><script src="../js/leaflet-src.js" ></script><script src="../js/leaflet.markercluster-src.js"></script>'); generator.document.write('<\/body><\/html>'); generator.document.close(); } Thanks for your help!
  13. phdphd

    $.post with variable as field name

    Not really. But anyway thanks for the time spent on it. I think I was misleading you (and myself too) by using "field name". What is sent is not actually a field/value pair, but a value that will go in the WHERE clause of a MySQL query where fields are already set. I realized I need no JS parameter for this in fact...

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