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  1. You are right. My mistake. I am using phpMyAdmin. I should have made the tests through SQL statements instead of inserting a row via the Insert tab or editing a value via the View tab.
  2. Hi All, I have a table to which I added 2 computed columns like this : ALTER TABLE foo add number2 DECIMAL GENERATED ALWAYS AS (number*2) STORED, add nombre3 DECIMAL GENERATED ALWAYS AS (number*3) STORED Two issues : 1. Updating a value in "number" column does not updates "number2" and "number3" columns 2. Inserting a new row generates the error "the value specified for generated column is not allowed". Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I am presently working on media queries. Is there a reliable way to assess the physical width in inches of the screen ? On my 17-inches laptop, at a 1920-px resolution, I have a web page that displays a series of divs, with 4 divs per row. At a 1366-px resolution, the same page will display 3 divs per row. (Reducing the divs’ size in order to have 4 divs per row would make them less readible.) However, there are screen devices wider than 17 inches, but with a 1366-px resolution. On those screens, displaying 4 divs per row, instead of 3, would be appropriate. Is it possible to play with the physical size of screens in inches ? Thanks !
  4. Hi All, Just wondering whether it is possible to resize a jpg image to a specific size in bytes (while preserving height/width ratio). Thanks for any clues!
  5. Hi All, I have a function that I want to trigger multiple times on different parts of the document, with a 1 second delay between each run. The structure of the function is as follows function intro(param1, param2){ //processing goes here }; I call it like this : $(document).ready(function(){ intro('#hello', '#world'); intro('#hi', '#all'); intro('#hola', '#amigos'); }); I would like to trigger intro('#hi', '#all') 1 second after intro('#hello', '#world') starts, and intro('#hola', '#amigos') 1 second after intro('#hi', '#all') starts, and so on. Thanks !
  6. Here is a screenshot. Note the lines appear for just a fraction of a second.
  7. Hi All, I need some technical clarification. I am using uWamp as a stack. uWamp has a dialog box that shows the CPU consumption % by Apache. I have a jQuery animation on my webpage, where squares move randomly. CPU consumption % by Apache is around 5%. If I disable the animation, then the CPU consumption drops to nearly 0%. I don’t quiet understand the relation between both, since Apache is server-side and jQuery is client-side. Also, suppose I have 3 tabs open in my web browser, one of them being for my website. If I move to another tab, then again the CPU consumption % drops to nearly 0% (however the animation keeps going). 1/Shouldn’t jQuery use computer (client) resources instead of Apache for displaying the animation ? 2/In a production environment where 20 users are viewing this page, would Apache globally consume 100% of the server CPU resources ? Hard to believe this. Thanks !
  8. Hi All, I am working on a jQuery implode effect. At the end of the animation some vertical and horizontal white lines display. Is there a way to prevent this ? The fiddle : https://jsfiddle.net/9dnraqj6/ Thanks!
  9. phdphd

    Is HSLA supported in Edge ?

    I think it is due to the "turn" value of the Hue parameter. Using degrees insteak is OK. An interesting article here ....in Spanish.
  10. phdphd

    Is HSLA supported in Edge ?

    Hi All, I am trying to implement overlapping semi-transparent divs, based on the jsfiddle available here, which uses hsla attributes. The issue is that this fiddle does not display in Edge 17, whereas the « caniuse » page says that hsla is supported in Edge versions 12 and higher. Thanks for your help !
  11. I've solved this with an "each" function.
  12. Hi All, Let’s suppose I have this DOM : <div id="Hello"> <div class="level_11"> <div class="level_111"> <div class="level_112"> <div class="level_11"> <div class="level_111"> <div class="level_112" id="button_33"> <div class="level_11"> <div class="level_111"> <div class="level_112"> Using jQuery, and supposing that in the line below id equals 33, how do I select all <div class="level_111"> elements except the one that has the sibling with id="button_33" ? I tried something like $('#Hello').children('.level_11').children('.level_111').not(siblings('#button_'+id)) but that does not work. I get the error " siblings is not defined ". Thanks !
  13. phdphd

    Move Div To After Parent Sibling

    Actually, simply $(this).insertAfter($(this).parent().siblings(".sibling")); does the job.
  14. Hi All, I am trying to move a DIV with a specific class after one of its parent's sibling with a specific class too, but it does not work. The HTML <div class="sibling"> </div> <div class="hello"> <div > Hello </div> <div class="world"> world </div> </div> The jQuery $('div').each(function (){ if($(this).hasClass("world")){ $(this)(".world").insertAfter($(this).parent().siblings(".sibling")); } }); I would like that output <div class="sibling"> </div> <div class="world"> world </div> <div class="hello"> <div > Hello </div> </div> Thanks!

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