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  1. I actually found some example code included in the package to validate data with the ONBLUR event but it doesn't work. I think I don't have the correct files installed. Was hoping someone around here was familiar with the package. http://pear.php.net/manual/en/package.html.html-quickform2.rules.php
  2. QuickForm2 is a package from Pear. I don't know how much Javascript I would actually need to implement client side validation for QuickForm2 but I think it's noteworthy to whoever would like to help me out that my knowledge is basic at best. Not interested in using anything else either right now.
  3. I want to do simple client side validation but I don't know Javascript. Can someone point me to an easy example on how to implement or post something here?
  4. Stupid question but why would it need the port contained inside the URL for redirection later on? /* The servername and serverport tells PayPal where the buyer should be directed back to after authorizing payment. In this case, its the local webserver that is running this script Using the servername and serverport, the return URL is the first portion of the URL that buyers will return to after authorizing payment */ $serverName = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; $serverPort = $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']; $url=dirname('http://'.$serverName.':'.$serverPort.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
  5. bunder5

    CSS question

    That absolutely rocks, thanks
  6. bunder5

    CSS question

    Is there any tool or feature that will show me which styles are being applied to my HTML? My CSS skills are poor and sometimes I am not getting expected results whether it be due to inheritance or what not.
  7. Any thoughts or tips on this? Is this the way to go?
  8. LOL, sorry long day yesterday. I wanted to know how sites link from either files in their web directory or folders. Hope this makes better sense. http://example.com/test/ vs. http://example.com/text.html
  9. What is this called? I wasn't able to google it so I can read up on how to set it up and the advantages/disadvantages. The only thing I picked up is it's better if choose a different technology later and files would not have to be relinked.
  10. Disaster averted, I forgot an apostrophe at the end of my input class name. Google Chrome was not sending the W3C validator the new source code on a form resubmission. I actually can't even view the code when after I submit a form onto itself. I get an error that says. I can do it in Firefox and IE but I'd rather work out of Chrome if I can find a fix for this.
  11. On all my forms, after I send an empty string to one field, it will stop accepting values when I resubmit. My code passes through the W3C validator Any ideas??
  12. Thanks, I understand it better now.
  13. I don't get the logic behind the construct. I can't ever see myself using this because it doesn't make sense when I code it. I understand isset($var) and why I should use it sometimes to avoid undefined messages. But with empty() it makes more sense to always test the variable directly because if the value is NULL, 0, '', or false then it evaluates as TRUE. Is there any situation where empty should be used always?
  14. anyone? I know I can use another IDE like PhpED but I'd rather stick to Dreamweaver.
  15. How can I get class functions and parameters to pop up with information for what I was guessing is a code hinting feature.
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