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  1. I've grown fond of netbeans, been using it for over 6 months and I am happy.
  2. Thanks John, that's a hell of a query. Points me in the right direction.
  3. I probably should have worded better what I'm after. I do want a good idea about data design, but let's say for example I did something like this: TABLE: EVENTS id event_start [date] event_end [date] recurrence [enum] {once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly} title [varchar] description [varchar] The only things I'm concerned about are the dates. Floating events can be queried pretty easily by the start/end dates, but how would you really be querying recurrence? The calendar itself is basically created by a loop and on each day I would check if an event(s) exist and display it. I'm really looking for a little logic on how this would work best.
  4. I've created some pretty simple event calendars that output a monthly table and query the database for daily events. I'm looking to create a much more advanced calendar like you would find in a desktop app like outlook. I need recurring events and floating events and probably times because people will be submitting requests for schedules. I'm really just trying to wrap my head around the basic database design to handle the floating and recurring events. I don't to be limited to a weekly recurrence pattern. I would like options like daily, weekly, monthly, or maybe even biweekly, etc. How do you account for a recurring event that has no end date in the database? Maybe this is something easy to create, but I would like some direction on the database schema that would work best to help get me going in the right direction. Any thoughts or references on this would be very helpful.
  5. The quickest and easiest solution is usually to set the overflow attribute of the container. You could set it to overflow: hidden or auto. I don't know why you are setting relative positions or why you are using left:/top: Use margins You are doing some pretty strange things with your widths/heights as well. I'd like to see your html.
  6. Zero Dollars. At least, that is how much it is worth to me. I don't know what kind of answer you really expect.
  7. That color really hurts my eyes. If you are going to use the same design for multiple projects the colors should be pretty moderate. Stick to shades of grey and some highlights here and there. Get rid of the lime green immediately. There is nothing else really to critique. Start with a decent palette and then come back.
  8. You are never incrementing $i in your loop. $i++
  9. Is your debug currently set to 0? You should set it to at least 1 or 2 for development. You will get a better error message.
  10. What is a broken link page? Can you post the error. Make sure your .htaccess file is working. Did you ever change any paths in index.php?
  11. I started using netbeans a few months ago. I've been using Dreamweaver for years and always liked it.  From what i can tell, Dreamweaver ran better/faster, but there are a few features I really like about Netbeans.
  12. I've seen the safari exploit and not sure if they ever patched it or not. I've been supporting windows and macs for years and I will give Apple credit for coming a long way, but the G4/G5 generation macs have nothing but hardware failures all the time. There are also a number of finder crashes that you can't even fix half the time with any built in tools. I used a 3rd party program (disk warrior) numerous times to recover from system failures. I still think market share plays a huge role in the number or viruses, but there are also less exploits because apple doesn't open themselves up like windows does. There are far less programs (paid or free) available for the mac which means there is less to attack. The hardware and software is tightly integrated. The only virus I've had to deal with up to this point is a stupid word macro that circled around. Funny that it was a microsoft product, but it never did any harm. Apple has made a few grade decisions: 1. Switching to a unix based core 2. Finally going to Intel 3. Improved user interface I will still probably never buy a mac though because I like to have a choice in my hardware and I still find windows to be more responsive.
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