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  1. Actually the zero probably affects if the vakue is negative or not
  2. Actually this is for unity game engine. Atm center is 0,0 So I'm dealing with negative numbers
  3. Ahh OK. Thanks now I know how to find theta. I can just ignore cy and CX right since that's always going to be 0,0?
  4. Thanks for thee responses guys. Ya I meant spaced around its circumference. So together all 20 objects forms a circle. I think this is the formula I saw when I was trying to google it Barand. I'm confused about the theta part Do I use pie for that? Also not sure how this would give me 20 spaced out. But I guess the theta would determine that. so really I need 20 slices of pie and a object in the middle of each slice on the circumference. Maybe I need to find the circumference first then divide it out by 20. Then find what each one would be spaced out on the circumfere
  5. Every year I run into some math that is over my head lol. Say I have a circle with a radius of 600 and I want to place 20 objects around the circle perfectly spaced. I need to figure out what the x and y would be for each object.
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