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  1. I'm a well experienced lead developer with over 100 projects under by belt. For the past 20 months, I have worked as the lead developer on the new version of http://grandmasjars.com/. Other systems that I have developed are being used in hospitals, universities, hotels, by large businesses and individuals alike. I have plenty of experience with the whole development process, from first talks and planning to delivery and maintenance of a thoroughly tested system. If you'd like me to work on your project, I would love to hear more about it at hello@codeboutique.eu .
  2. Aaand after making some more clients happy, I'm available again!
  3. We're an experienced web development team from Europe, specializing in developing PHP based applications and websites. We've worked with clients from all around the world and did everything from small one-page presentations and landing pages to complicated custom-build applications, e-shops and portals. We're also great at taking care of the more technical side of things for web design studios or individual web designers. If you'd like to know more about what we do, send us an email at info@peko.co or visit our website at http://peko.co and contact us from there! Note: We do offer a reward and/or bonus for referring us to your friends, so don't hesitate to spread the word!
  4. In addition to what ignace said: Don't build your own unless you're an experienced developer who's worked and read a lot of other people's frameworks AND there's a good reason for building one from scratch. Building your own should come from a specific need and experience, not from not being willing to learn something new. Also, you'll find yourself reinventing the wheel, there's not really a good reason from that. You'll learn more from reading other people's code than from figuring stuff out yourself. In case you're already familiar with a different language and work with PHP now, please, don't build a framework based on what you saw in another language. It results in solutions that are totally counter-intuitive in PHP and feel awkward in many situations (speaking from experience). I personally started with Zend - it was pretty hard when I started out, but it also gave me some solid fundamentals and I learned a lot. I appreciate that now.
  5. Available again. I added some info to http://peko.co. Note: Besides being a solo freelancer, I also have a team of local freelancers for projects that require a team.
  6. Available again & added some info to http://peko.com.
  7. Hi everybody, I'm a PHP developer and freelancer and I'm currently available for hire. I'm looking primarily for an ongoing cooperation, but I'm also available for short-term projects. What I do: I specialize in building apps based on Zend framework. jQuery is my primary JavaScript framework of choice , while MySQL is the database system I use most frequently. Besides building custom apps and sites from scratch, I also use WordPress and write themes and plugins when required. I also do have experience with working with Dojo, PropelORM, MongoDB, coffeeScript and others. I use sass and compass to speed up the HTML/CSS coding process. I know how to plan a project, communicate with customers, coordinate work between coworkers and keep a good working atmosphere. My other skills/qualities: I speak 5 languages, including English and German, which makes communication easy. I've been part of and led small development teams in the past. I'm self-motivated, always improving, not afraid of challenges and like to deal honestly with people. I've led many phone and Skype conversation with overseas clients, so that's not an issue (my timezone is CEST, I'm located in the EU). Past projects: I've worked on over 100 projects, many of which took several months of development. I currently work primarily with USA based clients. Among other projects, I worked on developing solutions used in hospitals (http://devicekeeper.com/home/product.php), universities (http://info.sirengps.com/ ,http://www.dayonepursuit.com/ - quiz application), academies (http://www.academiesinc.org/ar2012/), national associations (http://slus.sk/), social networks (http://inspireon.com/?lang=en) and many other areas. I also built many simpler websites, ranging from simple, responsive web pages to custom built e-shops. What I look for: I'm looking for a long-term working relationship, ideally as a subcontractor for a web development studio or company, but I don't shy away from one-time projects as well. I ALWAYS require either 50% up front for a project (or its iteration) or a month of work or setting up milestones in a relatively high frequency. This is based on my years of experience and serves to prevent any potential complications down the road. My current hourly rate is $40/h. In case you're interested in knowing more about me and the possibility of working with me, please feel free to contact me either at mi.pekarek@gmail.com, info@peko.co or via Skype (michael.pekarek). Thanks and have a nice day!
  8. Well, why use one. As others have already stated, it saves your time. Big time. Some years ago, while being a newb, I was in the very same position, thinking about wheather I really need to learn to work with a framework. My advice would be: just start learning one and see the advantage for your self. I started with Zend framework (probably not the easiest one for starters) and it's just so useful. Whether I work withing the MVC architecture or just use it as a library for a random project, it always saves me time. Also as a side effect, it makes you a better PHP programmer since you get to work with code written by some great PHP developers.
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