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  1. Thanks for the reply Mahngiel, but I have done a lot more than building something actually. As, I have made a fully-functional news publishing website, with comments, poll, user profiles, and so and so, plus, a classified-ads site that works similarly with other add sites, but the problem, is that, these sites are made with spaghetti code, your know, even if they can get the job done, I need them to be on just like professionally made, with debugging, micro-optimization... I just need to know more than creating CMS's and scripts.
  2. Sorry, for the rather-misleading title, But, I am a noob, and have been in self-teaching for the past 8 months, and I already know the basics, used mysql_ then changed to PDO, and I am learning OOP now. But, the problem is... there seems to be many things to learn in PHP, aside from PDO, OOP and the basics. Can anyone list them here, according to their difficulty level. Because, I want to learn more, but I don't know where to start. PHP unit, MVC, framworks, .... Hope, someone got the idea
  3. @PFMaBiSmAd Thanks, Since it is very hard for me to learn PDO now, can you give me an example how to verify a value? Which means, if I need to get only string or only integer in $_GET[] function, how do I achieve that? I tried is_string, but it only checks the first letter so basically "abc12 " is also the same as "abcde" so is there any way to check for complete string or integer?
  4. I just don't get it. If you protect the above two, other than server hacking, or if you have file uploads, what other ways are there for a user to hack your site. Even if the user knows the directory structure of the site? I built my site, and I'm about to upload it, My hosting company is one of the best, and I don't have file any uploads in the site, So, what more would you watch out for, if you were in my solution? btw, I am using mysql so, by inputs I mean all (GET & POST ) are protected with regex, htmlentities, mysql_real_escape_string() functions. thanks in advance
  5. Thank for the answer, I had found that site the least difficult, but difficult still. Thanks anyway!
  6. I am trying to change from using mysql to PDO, I heard it is very secure, but I think in-order to implement PDO, one needs to learn Object Oriented Programming for PHP. Is this true? And, if so Where can I find, the simplest and easiest to understand tutorials on the web for pdo, or oop.
  7. use the mysql built-in COUNT function, it is very easy. check out tzag.com
  8. Yea, it is possible. But, how in the hell can we help you, if we do not even know what is in the database, that you want to output, and what is your file structure?
  9. ref.php is a dispacher, file, it has included files inside it, for example, if ref.php?user is the case, the the GET function, gets user id and outputts data from mysql
  10. I have a page something like: www.site.com/ref.php/index.php?user=John I need the above to be changed, to www.site.com/ref.php/john I have .htaccess file in the root directory and inside it, there is this code: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /url/index.php?username=$1 But when I browse the page: www.site.com/ref.php/john it is giving me a 404 error it must be a simple mistake, because I totally know nothing about url re-writing. thanks for the help
  11. In my site, I have a functions.php file and I store all functions for the site ( A news site, with memberships, profiles ) So, I am still making the site, and 80% is finished, but the I feel like the file is going to slow my site down, I just checked it and I have reached 500th line on notepad++. So, I just want to know how much is too much really. What is the effect, or the best practices when putting all your functions in one file. Suppose, this for instance. There are functions that are used 10 or 20 times more than other functions. In my case, every time user browses the index page, there will be atleast 1 function that will be started. ex: ( out putting an article. ) And, there are others functions that rarely get called, like user registration, login.... So, is it ok to separate functions in different files according to their time of use? or not? I generally want to know, ( Since I am newbie ) how you deal with functions, and the best methods. Thanks.
  12. Thank you Jessica, I just realized that. Since, I've seen regex is used to manipulate string data. Somehow, every time I see it, it scares me.
  13. Suppose there is a url ex: site.com/page.php?id=*ANTHING* How do you check if *ANYTHING* is only string ( not composed of strings and integers ) or integer only. Because, I used is_string() function to check it, but it only checks if the first letter is a string so id=?cat435 and id=?catdasd will return the same result. How can I make sure, if a value is then only a string or integer and not a combination of both thanks
  14. thanks lily, but none of the thing you said work. Because, I can't find them all.
  15. I tried that. But the css does not work. The site got defaced.
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