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My main skill is in translating business processes into code specifications and creative uses of technology. Programming in Business Basic (proficient), PHP (decent but mostly procedural code), MySQL (just enough to be dangerous), Javascript and JQuery (next on the list).


Things I'm not Good At (and probably never will be)

Art, layout, and design. I know HTML, can edit graphics with GIMP, understand CSS, and recognize good design when I see it but I can't translate that into putting a new design on a blank screen with any consistency.


My history in one paragraph:


I learned to code in high school on a PDP 11-34, one of the first minicomputers. I went to Cornell, studied biology, and did research in molecular cardiology. After deciding that a life of writing grant proposals was not for me, I went back to school and got an MBA and by chance ended up in IT, working for the International Council of Shopping Centers from 1990 - 1993. From 1993 to 2003 I ran a software company that produced database applications and database driven websites. In 2003 I sold my business with the help of Merfeld and Schine, and went to work for them as a business broker. We've since done a lot of web based software, mostly related to buying and selling businesses, so I'm back into software.




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