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  1. It looks to me like a web control panel is installed ( webmin ). This can hook in scripts and config files into all sorts of places. It will take a bit of time to weed out all the custom configs webmin put in. If you use or used a webmin web control panel for your server, I suggest you google an uninstall how-to for webmin/web control panel. -steve
  2. Did you say several 1000's requests a second? Why don't you do a connection rate limit on your firewall? I.E. any ip (even a legitimate) can only establish a connection a certain amount of times a second. How many unique IPs are accessing this at any one time? You seem to be doing a lot of looking on this topic. E.g. http://forums.devnetwork.net/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=103174&p=552885 I suggest you try the iptable rule mentioned there. -steve
  3. Its more readable for sure. There still too many different sizes of text and bold|normal font weights. Your headings for "News Coverage" and "Funny Jokes" need better styling. Its as if you have all the text bolded in the center. -steve
  4. The correct line in .htaccess should still work. If it doesn't take the line out of the .htaccess and put it into your httpd.conf. Php also has timeout settings you may need to look into. These can also be set in a .htaccess file and/or in the php.ini. -steve
  5. "what do you mean by a selection of images?" 10 images of the exact same size. Then - put a different image in the header for each webpage. Instead of having the same graphic on the entire website. As for image verification - you should only really need it on Registration, not login. I would have it after 3 failed login attempts - to ask for image verification. -steve
  6. It would be nice if you could get the navigation menu working like: http://www.corlewland.com/ -steve
  7. Id say you could put a Timeout 30 in a .htaccess file. -steve
  8. Ah! - I though you had disk space limits. Whats your problem with storing multiple versions of 1 photo? You can cache/save the resized thumbnails in a /home/user/public_html/photos/thumbs1temp When calling a thumbnail - check if a thumbnail exists in the temp folder - if it does - great serve it off. If not use gd to resize and save into a temp folder for next time. Im with Ober on this one however - i.e. gallery doing everything. Ober: I have also noticed that bots can hammer it a bit, and I have had to tweak the performance/caching settings for mysql queries to 1 day. -steve
  9. Its ok. On http://www.eyesoute.com/register, the black input boxes are a little difficult to see. Overall - its good. There is a lack of imagery/icons etc. etc. Could/Have you a selection of images you could randomly put on each page etc. A little wider margin on the left would be nice too. Image vertification on the front page? Its a bit much IMO. I would put image verification after a failed login attempt etc. but not on the first attempt for the quick login form. Some of the pages are a little too dark. See: http://www.eyesoute.com/members/action-search Anyhoo - nice work so far. -steve
  10. Well not to harp on - but "gallery" does all the resizing of images. It also keep the original version of the unedited file. With the appropriate gd modules, you can change the brightness of images etc. crop, resize via an admin backend. Ok - so onto your problem: "The problem is, I generally like to resize images to a couple sizes to obviously limit bandwidth/disk space for thumbnails, ect. " So - you dont have enough storage space to store 3-4versions of thumnails? Gallery (sorry to harp on again) generates thumbnails the first time an image is viewed. These are then saved in /var/tmp - so your user disk quota is unaffected. Of course these /var/tmp files may be cleared every day/week - but it would help speed up the photo viewing. If you knew that your host wiped /var/tmp every morning at 6am - you could run a cron job at 6:10am to parse the gallery urls, generate thumbails and resave to /var/tmp. "BUT, when doing this, if you upload many images at once, the execution time takes forever and some hosts limit this time, or even limit the upload size." XP has a publish photos option. Here is it discussed for coppermine gallery: http://jcr.chu.cam.ac.uk/photoalbum/xp_publish Also - with respects to publishing/uploading images - is it you or the client that you want to cater for? Could you zip the images - and upload them via ftp? unzip and place in the folder etc? File size uploading (to exceed the 2meg limit) can be overcome with a .htaccess file (if htaccess are used/allowed). Anyhoo - just my ramblings. -steve
  11. Hummm....I think you have too many different font sizes, and font colors. It works fine. Its just that some of the Title/Heading text is a little hard to read straight off. Also - I would like to see a common skin on presenting images. I would place a 3-5px border with a light color around images, and then for a:hover change the colour of the border on the image. -steve
  12. See for yourself at (obviously take whatever code you require): http://skycon.csn.ul.ie/programme.php There is a minimum height for the center main div. Of course - looking at your website there - you want 100% height, cause otherwise you'd have to have a shadow at teh bottom. There are also plenty of ideas on teh web - google will help you find them. -steve
  13. [quote]. Also, I didn't want any space at the bottom so I needed some height.[/quote] There are better ways to have the footer stay a minimum distance down the webpage without needing something to push it down!!! [quote]I have to ask - Is the banner too tall? It's at 177px. Any recommendation? [/quote] Yes indeed. Way too tall. Even the navigation tabs are too tall IMO. A better header image/bar and it will really make the website look better. -steve
  14. At a resolution of 800x600 - there are now 2 vertical scrollbars. And this confuses a lot of people. This is the problem with having a div with a scroll. Just pointing that out. -steve
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