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  1. so to have two I Ps i need to have two network interfaces . isn t there any other way??
  2. hi .manixat To accomplish this, you may get solutions like adding <a> around <div>. But it won’t be a good practice as per standard. Finally you may end up with replacing <div> with <IMG>. But you will never get the desired output. But my solution is quite simple. Make it clickable with JavaScript. Simple Jquery Solution is $(document).ready(function() { $("div.js-ad-home-page-background").click(function(event){ window.open('LINK_TO_ADVERTISE'); }); }); Common Issues Ad links will won’t work if there is no JavaScript(which is not at all happen now days) and if any JS error in page. Which are common. So make sure that no script error before this jQuery snippet Note: Make sure that you have added jquery.js let me know if it helps
  3. Of course Mr. Irate can ask any question any time anywhere but on related forum
  4. Hi guys my name is peter micheal, I am new here..I hope I’ll get a worm welcome here and will get a great knowledge from here..
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