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  1. sorry for late reply i just got off work about an hour ago, so I was trying to see if I see why its doing this but I get a sql error say that the user_id column doesn't exist when in fact it does. The only edit I made to the code was deleting the create table code as i just did it manually because for some reason I was getting a sql error on that one too, but I checked and everything was fine.
  2. I believe they are linefeeds because <?php $highscores = explode("\n", $highscores); //here is a example of what it exactly produces: /*Array( [0] => "name, rank, level, xp" [1] => "natturefrk" [2] => "12345(number for rank), 100(number for level), 1234567(number of rank) etc .... for 27 skills*/ ?> so am i right in my assumption or am I off
  3. irrelevant side note but wanted to point it out.. now I understand you point on database design, I am stupid uggh. Maybe I need to go back to the basics and learn proper database design apparently, not being snarky to you but to myself, because my approach was always to echo the name in each table. Actually I just learned about foreign keys, which I actually knew about but never knew what it was called or why you would use? I really really really thank you for pointing that for me. I also wanted to apologize for thinking generalizing the data from $highscores would help you understand how the
  4. This is the raw data before any other changes that comes from $highscores. Rank, level, xp. All the negative vaules are what i am using the unsets for 172102,2367,204035949 244450,95,9326803 226715,99,13062902 314759,91,6351956 136596,99,24777093 112931,99,18388160 239587,94,8152884 57077,99,31947197 295686,85,3556200 269974,89,5121646 290728,85,3285716 238074,87,4161271 363824,80,2052681 169699,90,5581814 225138,85,3511420 241013,83,2701620 206930,94,8228281 162026,86,3972264 251269,73,1059054 147798,99,13294540 244330,73,1089646 166327,85,3457238 178831,82,2666078 208122,80,2176205 16336
  5. . Yeah oddly enuff it dont so thats what I am doing with $fields to add those labels for the values.Which by the way you asked that, needs to include the labels for the skill values as well, am I right?
  6. Example output of highscores is as follows 123456(rank compared to all other players), 58(level of the skill), 1234567(total xp in skill), and just keeps repeating for all 27 skills. Ill have to look into what you suggested... not sure what you mean but pretty sure something that google search can fix.
  7. 0 What is the best way to store this data coming from the api into a csv file to later put into the db. Output: rank, level, xp, rank, level, xp, etc. This api produces about 60 rows of data per name ran and x that by about roughly 300 names that equals a lot of data. Pretty much with my current code I am pretty much creating a endless loop almost that would take a long time to execute so updating said data would be a nightmare i would think. Is there a way to accomplish the same thing without the loop or I am not sure how to go about this. My current code is a m
  8. Really?? Huh I always thought using the database for this type of thing was a bad thing which is why I shyed away from using the database in the first place haha. Now I can use the where clause . Thank you for you input!!!!!
  9. Okay I have been working on script for about a week now. In a game(runescape) there is content known as the citadel. What you do is on weekly basis you gather resources towards upkeep and upgrades(if any). Upkeep is the weekly cost to keep the plots of the citadel up and running or they will degrade. Each tier or level that upkeep cost will change. Upgrade is any thing you are upgrading or building(new plots). You must meet upkeep first before any resources are applied to any upgrades. Every week each player can only cap a certain amount of resources. Okay now that I got that outta of the way
  10. I am thinking it was the hack I was using to stop caching, because originally I was having issues with caching and css not updating. I am not having the issues, fingers crossed, now
  11. Wow I just feel stupid. I have been dealing with these problems with my css acting weirdly that I didn't even notice that I made that mistake. Here is the weirder part is that before internally I couldn't assign classes to the dynamic content now it is letting me do it
  12. Okay I have been at this for two days now trying to figure out the source of the problem. When I use firebug to inspect the elements there is no css being applied, even though the link to external stylesheet is correct. When I use chrome developer to inspect the elements it seems default styles are being applied but not the styles I set. I checked the network portion of firebug and chrome developer and the css file in question is no where to be found. So this leads me to believe that the css file is not being loaded. I don't know if this matters but the table info on this page is being dynamic
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