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  1. i am new to web designing, i don't know much about javascript. <select id="plan" align="center" valign="center"> <option value="images/21.jpg">PHASE 1</option> <option value="images/22.jpg">PHASE 2</option> <option value="images/23.jpg">PHASE 3</option> <option value="images/24.jpg">PHASE 4</option> <option value="images/25.jpg">PHASE 5</option> <option value="images/200.jpg">PHASE 6</option> <option value="images/210.jpg">PHASE 7</option> </select> <img id="image" src="images/21.jpg" align="center" valign="center" Onclick="zoom"/> <script type="text/javascript"> function setplan() { var img = document.getElementById("image"); img.src = this.value; return false; } document.getElementById("plan").onchange = setplan; </script> above is the code given. the above codes changes the images when the values of the dropdown menu are selected, every dropdown menu has a specific image bind to it. when the image is displayed after selecting any item from dropdown, now i want to popup or zoom the image or open it itnto new widow when i click on the image, plz help me. http://gdcindia.co.in/SAI%20SHOBHAN.html plz visit this link, and go to 2nd tab floor plan. then u will know what i want plz help me.
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