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  1. NetKongen

    Body of page

    I am confused..Body is the yellow and website is the white - is it not the other way arround you want it?
  2. For an example, check this out: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_border-radius.asp
  3. What about som sort of table sorter, that can take multiple inputs. So that it would sort a table according to A criterier AND b criteria. There are several tabelsorters out there, but allmost alle of them uses a sorting function built into the table, and it ussualy does not take multiple conditions. If you build a libery to do his please share it, as I have a coulple og websites that could use it ;-)
  4. I think I havr already review this site on some other forum...hmmm... Anyway, I think you shoudl really do something about the logo - looks very 90´s. Other than that, what makes your forum better than other coding forums on the web? I mean, why should people use your forum instead of others? IMO i would probably not post any questions there as they would probably not get anwsered. So, you need to figure out how to drive more traffic to the site, as it wont come by it self ;-)
  5. Check out this one: http://codepen.io/TimPietrusky/pen/ysblx No levels though- but pretty cool anyway! Can i Ask why you are so fussed about only having menus without JS?
  6. No that should be fine to do. An if the hacker is able to do what you describe we would probably just hack you mysite.com instead ;-)
  7. Are your working localhost? If so, the form will probably not send anything
  8. NetKongen

    HTML help

    Nice help by Strider64 Another tip for the future could be to create the text and formatting in Word and then save it as HTML. Then you will automatically get the formatting
  9. Your host might still to some extend cache your site. You could ask them to clear cache on your site and hosting platform.
  10. Wikidata has alot of stuff - maybe it has what you are looking for?
  11. I really like it! I am also running a couple of sites, and I have also considered making like an overall page with a link to all of them! Have you coded it all yourself or is it like a WordPress theme? If its WP I would like to know the name of the theme And pretty cool sites you run by the way!
  12. You would probably be in trouble if you have built the site with absolute paths... then thay would all not be working as you would not be using http instead of https :-P But keep a SSL certificate i definitly a good idea, as Google will soon incorporate it in their search algoritm and rank sites higher that has full SSL protection
  13. Merry christmas everyone!
  14. I Dk Laravel is also very widely used. How are your HTML and CSS skills? A framework like bootstrap would also be a plus i guess...
  15. Regarding #1 - You can easily post programmering tutorials different places on the same subject. You just have to be sure that you do not write exactly the same thing in all articles. Google will se this a dublicated content and ponish you for it. But change the wording and add some extra content from article to article and you will be fine..
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