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  1. My replies are in bold found within the quote, so please read them first. I really appreciate the feedback, and I agree that maybe another table where the 'nodes' are only stored once and then have them relate to the uni_perms 'permission' column would be much better. Thanks!
  2. So here is a concept of a permission system that I haven't really seen any where else. Now usually conventional permissions are usually stored in columns whilst the record specifies a bit which is then used to determine if the record has access to that permission. Below is my concept of how permissions should be done, I'm looking for someone who can help me create the system in a way which would be easily implementable by other applications such as MyBB. In my case I have multiple game servers, and most of my players have accounts created on my forums which are powered by MyBB, I'm currently in the process of integrating their MyBB accounts across all my related game servers, but one thing I've noticed is that I have multiple permission systems created for all of my servers so right now I'm also trying to integrate all of them into one system so please try and understand that I designed this system in a way that could be used by multiple applications. Any constructive criticism is accepted. So the idea is that you have 1 table, I'll just list it here to make it easier to follow: - uniperms_nodes Now the uniperms_nodes table will contain the following columns: - key (Int, Not Null, Primary Key, Auto Increment) - type (Enum('USER', 'GROUP'), Not Null) - id (Int, Not Null) - permission (Varchar(255), Not Null) - description (Text) Now here is how it works, a record is inserted into the uniperms_nodes table containing the necessary information. Here is an example: INSERT INTO `uniperms_nodes` (`type`, `id`, `permission`, `description`) VALUES ('GROUP', '1', 'my.test.node', 'A simple permission'); With this information inserted, I can simply use the following query in order to get all of the permissions related to the GROUP with the ID of 1. SELECT `permission` FROM `uniperms_nodes` WHERE type='GROUP' AND id=1; With this array of permission nodes I can simply just check if the array has 'my.test.node', if the array contains 'my.test.node' then that means that the group I queried has access to that permission. Now the reason I have the types USER and GROUP is because maybe you would like to give permissions to individual users, but maybe you wouldn't necessarily want to create a new group. I'm currently looking for someone to help me create a lovely interface for this system, so that it's easier for the user to modify a group/user's permissions. If you're interested feel free to message me here on the forums or via email. kieron.wiltshire@outlook.com
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