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  1. Thanks for the reply. So it sounds like you are recommending to not use a framework but to create your own login system?
  2. Hello, I am currently a asp.net developer but am moving away from it and into php + MySQL. I have actually coded in PHP/MySQL before doing asp.net but due to work requirements, have ended up using mostly asp.net webforms. Now I am turning coats and moving back to PHP/MySQL. I understand the code and OOP of PHP as well as Database design with SQL quite well. However, what I am unsure of is where to get started in frameworks. Specifically, I want to create a login website that allows users to register (with different roles), login, change their password, have a profile page, etc. using PHP/MySQL. I was looking at tutorials on how to do this and the best I have found so far is: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Secure-Login-Script-in-PHP-and-MySQL. I understand all the code there, but I think it is probably a bad idea to create your own login website because there could always be things that are insecure that you don't know about in the future. Thus, the best solution would be to use a framework to do the hard work for you - and then you can just learn the framework. My question is, what is the best framework to use to be able to create a login website that you can fully customize yourself? I know this is a highly subjective question but I was considering learning Laravel. There are a lot of frameworks out there and I don't want to use one that is over-kill. I just want it simple and secure so I can make many different types of login pages for different clients. For those of you who have experience making login websites with php/mysql, what solution do you use? Thank you!!!
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