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  1. give a code to display a popup window in my home page.
  2. in the signup form when click submit It gives error in frontend that" An Error Occurred " "Application Error". in the network tab it says " 500 Internal Server Error" What can i do?
  3. could you please give me details idea about sign up form in PHP & which type of relay is used? what are them? what is the file name to write relay in PHP? where it it if it was developed through Zend & json & mysql ....where is the file path?
  4. I am using godaddy dedicated server for my website...But now i want to move for shared hosting in the same account of godaddy.com .. I already copy all the data from my dedicated to shared hosting plan & database also, But what i got site is running fine but there is no input of data to the database from frontend, Found application error from the signup/user account creation page only...in the mean time the website is running with no issue. Could you please help me what exactly the problem? I checked from myside everything is correct...Please help with the issue? I am using php & mysql
  5. my web application contains these files , it was developed using PHP... Could you please tell me in which web application i have to use for editing some files & run for errors? Pleas see the images of project directories..
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