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  1. Hey there I was hoping for some advice please. I have a wordpress website but I want to add a custom php app (library files includes php/js/css and some php code to be pasted in the page) to a specific page. I've read it's not good practice to put the files in root directory and can understand why. The app is only suppose run on a specific page and having it running outside of wp is not where I want to go. So I'd really like to be able to put the files somewhere else in the wp directory and call the script using the themes functions.php or perhaps add a custom plugin to achieve this. I'm a bit of a noob and not sure how to do either of these, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hello Theres something wrong with my code as I keep getting this error. It points to the bottom line of code. Can you tell me whats wrong with it please? Thank you $connection= mysqli_connect("$db_server","$db_username","$db_password", "$db_database") or die ("could not connect to mysql"); $sqlCommand = mysqli_query($connection,"SELECT * FROM client WHERE username='$myusername' and password='$mypassword'"); $count = mysqli_num_rows($connection,$sqlCommand);
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