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  1. Yes I have a agreement with the owner of the site.
  2. Hi I have already asked the owner, but they dont have a api i can use :/ But Thank you for the help, I will try and start here
  3. Hi. I am trying to read an website with a php script. but I am not sure where to start. what It need to do. 1) log in to http://example.com/Login.asp with username and password. 2) read from a list a text file on my server, what links it should read ex. shop.example.com/Productdetail.asp?SID=126&ProductID=8638 3) read different kind of information, ex. <label for="6267">740071</label> where it reads the 740071 and save to a line in my mysql database ex fd_database /`fd_info`/reference another information could also be <strong class="example_thing">5,70 m</strong> where it reads the 5,70 and save it fd_database /`fd_info`/reference so both informations in the same tabel after that go back to 2) until there are no more links in the text file. Thanks for reading
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