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  1. It’s better to offer multiple social profiles login option in Magento. Also offer Twitter Login option along with Facebook & Google +. I would suggest to use Social Login extension by FME which supports multiple social profiles like Google +, Facebook, Twitter & Yahoo. Customers can also login with existing accounts & recover lost passwords using the same Magneto login popup window. Some of the key features are: Simplify Login/registration process Automatically updates user profile Allow manual login/registration Multi-store & Multi-language 100% Open source Demo: https://www.fmeaddons.com/magento/social-facebook-twitter-login-extension.html
  2. This seems to be issue in your code.. Kindly share the code in order to sort out the problem. An easy solution is to use GeoIP Default Store Selector extension by FME, which enables you configure multiple store for different locations and perform auto store redirection according to the pre-defined settings. Visitors can also manually switch to another store view using the store selector option given in the popup window. Check the demo here: https://www.fmeextensions.com/magento-geo-ip-default-store-view.html
  3. You need to add custom filters to allow the customers to search products of a specific brand, For this I would suggest to create dedicated brand pages to display all the products of a specific brand on separate page. Try FME shop by manufacturer extension in Magento website in order to create brand landing pages. You can also configure custom filters. https://www.fmeaddons.com/magento/shop-by-manufacturer-brands-extension.html
  4. In order to integrate a full-fledged forum in Magento store, I would suggest to use a ready-made tool like Magento Forum Extension by FME having tons of built-in features to create & manage a proper forum in Magento. Some of the key features are: Create forum topics Configure titles & description Manage user accounts Breadcrumbs enabled Support signatures Support Captcha Free lifetime upgrades Demo here: FME Advance Forum Magento Extension
  5. I would recommend using an extension like FME Media Gallery which lets you create video galleries by using on-site product videos and embed the videos from different video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. This extension has a responsive popup window to view the videos and viewers can browser for more videos using the video slider. Mre info: http://www.fmeextensions.com/media-gallery.html
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