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  1. I am a PHP developer working for a SharePoint hosting company called CloudAppsPortal and I have been tasked with integrating PHP into the SharePoint server. The idea is to bring in a few sites that have been created using PHP and CSS and integrate them into SharePoint. All sites are up and running; will I need to convert the entire PHP code of the site to .NET first or is there any other solution to this? Any directions will be highly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi, I am from a Sharepoint hosting company. From SharePoint 2013 onwards, SharePoint apps can now be built in PHP and used within a SharePoint site. I am a PHP programmer working at Apps4Rent who offers free SharePoint sites and apps at https://cloudappsportal.com . I am looking to learn from the experience of others who have made SharePoint apps with PHP. Can anyone on this forum advise me how to start building such apps and typical hurdles to overcome? Any advice is welcome.
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