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  1. Right now my software uses a simple mailer.php to send a generated text emails to my account, and from there I can work on them. It would be easier if my software could instead input the generated information into a doc or docx file (this seems very complex) and send it to a folder in my google docs. 1.Is this possible with php? 2. Would this be way too difficult or might there be some preexisting scripts somewhere out there(haven't found any) Thanks
  2. Thanks for checking on my code awareness, but I got that part covered I know the output is coming from these because when I // the output goes away I know nothing is set because I am using foreach($_POST as $varname => $value) { print "<b>".$varname."</b> = $value <br/>"; } and these $varables are not set That is why I am stumped.
  3. Running the following code, nothing is set, but everything echos anyway if((isset($_SESSION['post']["EduMA"])) && (isset($_SESSION['post']["EduMA2"]))) { echo $EduMA2; } if (isset($_SESSION['post']["EduPhD"])) { echo $EduPhD; } Thanks
  4. Ah, yes, good point and thanks. I will be working on my layout as well.
  5. I am getting an unexpected end of page error due to this line. if (isset($skippage)){header("location: page4_form.php"); $skipage is set. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. By far the best way that I find to edit a database is to export it to excel as a CSV, edit it, and import it back.
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