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  1. Nowadays, it seems that frameworks are a best environement for advanced developers. On the other hand, it could be argued that they really are not necessary when you develop some website in php. However, this environements speed up a lot the appearing of many projects. So my question is: You recomend some novice developer to use frameworks? Any suggestions or dissapointments are good received. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help. I am very thankful. You helped me a lot . Merci.
  3. At first i create the form very easy with php: Obviously since if(isset[$_POST]) i did the query like this: But in my case i want to update $articles ($articles are the articles ordered by pages), i mean this: In conclusion, my question is very short. how i can update $articles when someone use filter to filter the table. In other words, i am trying to search some way to update $articles and i am little lost. Thanks in advance.
  4. solved i am dump i was sending other path
  5. Hi i am trying to do a simple pagination in php but when i try for example go to some page like localhost/page=1 i get this result:The requested URL /www/page=2 was not found on this server. Obviously this is because i did some mistake in the code. I share with members the php and html file for if someone has some suggestion. Thanks in advance: html: php: any suggestion, dissapointment is good received
  6. Sorry was solved i need to bind parameter // statement $statement->bindValue(':fname', $fname); after use prepare
  7. Hi sorry but i tried to use of many ways and i use prepare etc, But i cant create one without vars. But when i use one form and check the post method to save this new row. It is empty. Code: I am trying to do easy things. Like insert,update,delete,search but with a form.
  8. I forgot to ask can someone recommend me some guide updated of PHP and mysql thanks for all
  9. i know that this iterate one array and output to the client but it is not my question. Anyways i will take your advice. I am newbie yes but no one born knowing perfectly php and all. So i wait one new opportunity in my other questions thx.
  10. My question is only that: I cant include this code in $content var when i have content of my page: This was only my question. But i will take your advice thx
  11. Ok sorry i will learn more. Sorry again. But my question is very short sir: I did one content var in php because i want to do my webpage in php only and there i include my html content. So i couldn't include my querys since there? This is my question nothing more. Maybe i dont know nothing about php and mysql but this is not my question. Anyways thx for your help
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