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  1. I will have the mail sent to you by the hour using the address under (Email:)
  2. Would you be able to mail me an instant messenger (preferably Skype)? As it is hard for me to keep any form of vital communication via email due to my tight studies, the replies may be late and it could be hard to create a common understanding and ground. I am not very good with PHP at all as I am just an art student, but I'd like to know some of the basics what needs to be done, if extra files needs to be created, how we can upgrade it onto our website without causing distress to our users during studies, et cetera. MIA T.
  3. I am running a small website at my college, mainly for art students and science to share homeworks, studies and findings. The Tracker that we use was built to handle roughly 5-10.000 users (peers), but due to it becoming increasingly popular during holidays (exams), it is often breaking down, and that is an occurance that is becoming more and more frequent. I thought I would ask here if there is anyone who will be able to help us expand its capabilities to handle at least 70.000 users (peers) up from its current limit. Now we have around 7400-7600 users on in the weekends and it dies out. These types of services cost way too much in my country (very high cost for everything) for a small group of students to pay for. It is 100% PHP coding. I am hoping for something in the €100-€150 range. Thanks, MIA. T.
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