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  1. No, I meant validate as in a legal windows 10 file name; just the name, not a path. This validation would include length, special names and characters ... and who knows what else. Thank you.
  2. Is there a class out there that validates window filenames? Thank you.
  3. All is well. Typo. Working as before. Really thou, is it possible to nuke this post. This was a bogus claim and will just add to the windows update noise. Thanks all for your help. Only took 4 hours to find it. @#$!!
  4. It appears the binding is not allowing empty fields. But why now. The strict is off (or was). in toad's window I can write these two inserts. The first fails. The second does not. insert into info (infoid, infoindex values ('', ''); insert into info (infoid, infotext) value (null, null); both fields are default null. both are ints. C:\xampp\htdocs\csc> mysql -e "SELECT @@sql_mode;" +--------------------------------------------+ | @@sql_mode | +--------------------------------------------+ | NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION | +--------------------------------------------+ Also checked the table. Practice aside, this was working yesterday. .
  5. (every site should have a win10 update section) mysql/php-pdo/xampp insert constructs are suddenly failing (running fine for a year) after an overnight update. Here's the error code. error code: HY093 error msg: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: parameter was not defined binding: Array I'm chasing it (cut this part out.....cut that part out) but while I'm doing this I thought I'd see if anyone else is having this experience mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.38-MariaDB, for Win64 (AMD64), win10 pro, 1903, 18362.356 Thank you
  6. Yes, the best fix is answering why are two messing about with the same data. The page is a projects 'encompassing' calendar that shows all project schedules. The fix would be to restrict scheduling to the job owner or a master scheduler. But I can't do that now. I'll need to think about this The 1st, the time stamp, is great. I didn't cross my mind; and that last update value is already there. The second could be a lot of work, and given I should really address the access, it would be a waste of time as a temporary fix. Thanks for the quick comeback. Time stamp it is.
  7. I have never had to worry about concurrent users given the size of my audience. But, things have changed on one particular input webpage. I have a webpage that is used by project managers. It is now likely that two managers will concurrently access and modify the same page. For example; Both userA and userB are on this page. userA changes dateInstall and userB changes dateRun. After userA saves his form, userB saves his. userB's unchanged dateInstall overwrites userA's update. And so it goes. I can think of a few ways to stop this but what a mess. How do you professionals deal with this? Thanks.
  8. Op... I think I'm on my way. Feel free to nuke the post if you wish. Thank you.
  9. It's not working , but after a login, can it be this simple? curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $gotoUrl); $content = curl_exec($ch); echo $content;
  10. I'm a little familiar with Perl's lwp and I've scraped a few sites. But I've never logged in remotely AND presented a 'protected' page to the user. Is it possible to login remotely and then open a page for a user via a link? We have the credentials but we're sick of the login dance. I'll invest some time figuring it out if someone can tell me if this is even possible. Thank you.
  11. This is what I wound up with (you need your wits). var next_row_id = e.parentNode.parentNode.nextElementSibling.id Thanks again for the road map.
  12. lol The shampoo routine... wash rinse repeat. No, just a few rows. Thanks. I can't use jQuery but I see what your doing. I'll do a w3schools thing and look at the dom things. And you nailed the html. That's exactly what I'm doing. Thanks again.
  13. Greetings to All, I have a table with multiple rows. These row are added and removed dynamically based on this or that. In row 'A' I have a select box with its onchange event set to a javascript function. I need to discover, from within this function, if the next row has an id with a particular format (id string starts with 'shipping'). How can I get this id? - There is always a next row. It always has an ID. - Additional TD elements may, or may not, follow the TD containing the select box element. - This is a 'single level' table construct (no tables within tables). Thank you.
  14. Being a trigger virgin the new. and old. references confused me, but now I'm off. The code is good enough to almost use verbatim. Thanks for your 'comment'. Thanks again.
  15. So ... Barand... been there done that I see. Thanks. I'll digest this and let you know. Looks good thou at first glance.
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