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  1. Hi Barand, hope you are well, Can you please suggest the edit to this sql query to fetch only the rows in which any month (from January to May) is not paid but at the same time keep showing all the columns of months. Doing it by using the quoted query, it removes the columns in which the fee is paid, thanks.
  2. Hi Barand, I want to insert one more value to the above table after "Name", like email or phone number. Please tell me how can that value be put inside your loops?
  3. Hello Barand, thank you very much, that resolved the issue. ✔️ 👌
  4. Hi Barand, thanks for the help. How can we show just one row per student's name and only two columns, name and "Y", those who paid all 3 months.
  5. Hi Barand, I now want to extract the details of students who have paid all 2 months, i.e. march, april and may. I have written the following query but it is not bringing any records, however there are many students who have paid all 3 months. SELECT nroll.id as id, nroll.sname, nroll.ctclass, parents.memail, parents.femail FROM nroll INNER JOIN parents on nroll.id=parents.id INNER JOIN mfee on nroll.id=mfee.sid WHERE nroll.ctstudent = 'Y' and nroll.ctclass='1 Reception-1' and nroll.shift='1' and (mfee.month='2020-01-01' and mfee.month='2020-02-01') ORDER BY nroll.sname
  6. Hello Barand, I've tried to change the code you mentioned as below but it is still now working. Please help me modify the code to achieve the desired results: if($paid_arr == 'Y'){$cls='class="hilite"';}else{$cls='class="centex"';} echo "<tr><td class='centex'>$index</td><td>$name</td><td $cls>" . join("</td><td $cls>", $paid_arr) . "</td></tr>\n";
  7. Hi Barand, Using CSS I want to highlight the cells where paid is equal to "N". I can't figure out where to insert this code due to arrays. Please help: <td <?php if($row['paid']=='N'){echo 'class="highlight"';} ?> </td>
  8. Hello Barand, Thank you very much! That perfectly resolved my issue, I am once again very grateful to you.
  9. I want to complete the task today, I would therefore be extremely grateful if you could help me remove the error asap, thanks.
  10. Barand thank you very much for the prompt reply. After make 2 changes to your code I saved the code into a php file and called it into the browser, but it is showing few errors, kindly let me know how to remove these errors. Changes: Table name changed to "mfee" at both the occurrences. In both the queries "WHERE month >= ?" is changed to "WHERE month >= '$start'" Output:
  11. Hi Barand, I am seeking you help to make an appropriate query to fetch data from monthly fee table of mysql db, whereby data is stored in such a way that each row stores the data of a student for one month, there are several rows per student. I want to fetch the data such that the result set should have the one row per student with multiple columns for months, each column showing the status of fee, paid or not. I have created the following query but the problem is that it is showing only one month which is '2020-03-01'. SELECT DISTINCT name, month, paid from mfee WHERE month >= '2020-03-01' GROUP BY name order by name
  12. Hi Barand, In simple term, I want to fetch the details of payments, grouped by date, that is, on particular dates, as mentioned in my first post, thanks.
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