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  1. Hi all, In my laravel 5.7/ blade / jQuery v3.3.1 / Bootstrap v4.1.2 app I see some additive html code on my inputs : https://imgur.com/a/1PqpKgR I have LastPass installed on my browser in my Google Chrome( Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) ). And I suppose that LastPass adds some code, which is very annoying. Especcially if some functionality related with this input does not work properly... Are there some tags to be added/LastPass options/additive plugins to exclude these LastPass additive code ? Thanks
  2. Hi all, In my laravel 5.7 application I use "yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle": "~8.0" library and reading this https://m.datatables.net/forums/discussion/25666/how-to-customize-the-processing-messageI modified processing message with style : .dataTables_processing { margin-top: -80px !important; padding: 70px !important; background: #F5F8FA !important; color: blue !important; border: 2px dotted darkgrey; border-radius: 3px !important; font-size: xx-large !important; opacity : 1 !important; text-decoration: none; } and it works and I retrieve data on page open with empty data area. But I refresh data I do not see processing message : it is below(looks like middle of the data area). I tried to raise with adding to style above : vertical-align: top; vert-align: top; But failed. The html-code of my data area is : <div class="table-responsive"> <div id="get-vote-dt-listing-table_wrapper" class="dataTables_wrapper no-footer"> <div id="get-vote-dt-listing-table_filter" class="dataTables_filter" style="display: none;"><label>Search:<input type="search" class="" placeholder="" aria-controls="get-vote-dt-listing-table"></label> </div> <div id="get-vote-dt-listing-table_processing" class="dataTables_processing" style="display: block;">Loading votes... </div> <table class="table table-bordered table-striped text-primary dataTable no-footer" id="get-vote-dt-listing-table" role="grid" aria-describedby="get-vote-dt-listing-table_info"> <thead> <tr role="row"> <th class="details-control sorting_disabled" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 47px;">+ </th> <th class="sorting" tabindex="0" aria-controls="get-vote-dt-listing-table" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 59px;">Id </th> <th class="sorting" tabindex="0" aria-controls="get-vote-dt-listing-table" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 106px;">Name </th> <th class="sorting" tabindex="0" aria-controls="get-vote-dt-listing-table" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 113px;">Status </th> <th class="sorting" tabindex="0" aria-controls="get-vote-dt-listing-table" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 125px;">Is Quiz </th> <th class="sorting" tabindex="0" aria-controls="get-vote-dt-listing-table" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 219px;">Vote Category </th> <th class="sorting" tabindex="0" aria-controls="get-vote-dt-listing-table" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 178px;">Created At </th> <th class="sorting_disabled" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 28px;"></th> <th class="sorting_disabled" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 29px;"></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody></tbody> </table> <div class="dataTables_info" id="get-vote-dt-listing-table_info" role="status" aria-live="polite" style="display: none;"></div> <div class="dataTables_paginate paging_simple_numbers" id="get-vote-dt-listing-table_paginate"></div> </div> </div> 1) Which is right way with style modifications? 2) If laravel-datatables-oracle has method to clear data area rows before data retrieving ? I think that could be helpfull... Here is live example at http://demo2.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/login It is under credentials admin@demo.com 111111 after that http://demo2.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/admin/box-rooms on uploading page message is visible within 1-2 seconds If in filter field “Enter Box Room No.” enter value “001” and click “Search” I added 30 seconds delay for debugging in browser. You need to scroll down to see processing message... Thanks!
  3. Hello ! Can you advice some Jquery 3 library/plugin compatible with Bootstrap 4.1 for formatting of input for entering money in valid format(with decmals, thouthand separator etc...) and not permitting to enter invalid chars ? Thanks!
  4. Hello all. Could you please to look at layout of the Bootstrap 4.1 page: http://demo2.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/admin/warehouses/2/edit It is under credentials admin@demo.com 111111 I made menu at left side by some sample(it must be hidden on small device). But with this left menu there are some features I would like to fix : 1) I need page content (blue border) to be centered and it is ruled by styles : .wrapper { display: flex; align-items: stretch; border: 2px dotted red; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; padding: 0 !important; } #page-wrapper { margin-right: 10px; margin-left: 10px; padding: 0 !important; width: 100% !important; border: 1px solid blue !important; align-content: center; } Looks like the reason is in props display and align-items of wrapper class, but when I tried to modify these values the left menu stopped working 2) Listing http://demo2.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/admin/clients with many columns must be with horizontal scrolling, but instead scrolling of table with data with syntax <div class="table-responsive"> <div id="get-client-dt-listing-table_wrapper" class="dataTables_wrapper no-footer"> all page is moving by mouse move. Again I suspect that is because of left menu How to fix it ? Thanks!
  5. Hello, Reading this https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/migration/#utilities docs I try in Bootsrap 4.1 app to show “Toggle Sidebar” button only on small and extrasmall devices, and I do <main> <div id="main_content"> <div class="d-md-none d-lg-none d-xl-none "> <nav class="navbar navbar-expand-lg navbar-light bg-light "> <div class="container-fluid"> <button type="button" id="sidebarCollapse" class="btn btn-info"> <i class="fa fa-align-left" style="color: white"></i> <span>Toggle Sidebar</span> </button> </div> </nav> </div> @yield('content') </div> </main> But it does not work for small devices : it is not visible, on all the rest devices works as expected I tried to add d-sm-block class : <div class="d-sm-block d-md-none d-lg-none d-xl-none "> But it does not work anyway... Which is the right way? Thanks!
  6. Hello, Can you advice me similar left side menu(left aligned, submenu items, collapsing on extra small devices) https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/featured/vertical-affix-menu-css-only but implemented in bootstrap 4.1 ? 2) Or can you say is it possible and what have I to do remake it to bootstrap 4.1 ? Thanks!
  7. Hello! With new task description my client wrote I suppose that is like scrolling on youtube ? When there is no pagination bar and scrolling down more data rows are retrieved? It was supposed to be laravel 5.7/jquery 3 project with using of https://datatables.yajrabox.com/ for listings. But seems this lib has no such functionality. Are there some compatible libraries with such functionality ? Thanks !
  8. It looks you are right, maybe that is server issue, at least with rather big files. Could you please to look at it online by https://www.votes.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/admin/page-content/edit/1 (it has credentials) At the second tab “Images / Videos” there is possibility to upload images/videos. Now it has 4 videos uploaded, first 3 are ok for view but last 1.Metr_saves.avi has 46mb in size I suppose that is why I got error in JS console: video.js:142 VIDEOJS: ERROR: (CODE:4 MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED) The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. MediaError {code: 4, message: "The media could not be loaded, either because the …rk failed or because the format is not supported."} But I am not sure, at least I uploaded the file on my OS (ubuntu) That is laravel5/php7.2/apache2 app and in apache2 config I have options memory_limit 2048M upload_max_filesize 200M post_max_size 200M Could ypo please try to upload several video files of different type/size, set size for them and click save? If uploaded it would be accessible in listing below... Thanks! =
  9. Hello, I installed videojs library as it is writtem at this example https://videojs.com/getting-started/#customize It works ok, and in backend be be uploaded and viewed on fronternd, but only for some video I tried to play For some video I try to upload and to show I got error message: The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. Properties of this file: 1.Metr saves.avi General File: /_diskE_Media/__Archieve/2018-12-31/__DOCS/VIDEOS/1.Metr saves.avi Size: 47664 KB (46 MB) Length: 00:02:53 Demuxer: lavf Clip info Name: 1.Metr saves.avi Video Resolution: 720 x 400 Aspect ratio: 1.8 Format: mpeg4 Bitrate: 2227 kbps Frames per second: 23.976000 Selected codec: mpeg4 Initial Audio Stream Format: ac3 Bitrate: 448 kbps Rate: 48000 Hz Channels: 6 Selected codec: ac3 Audio Streams Track 0 Language: <undefined> Name: <undefined> ID: 1 Reviewing the videojs.com site I did not find any information about which format it supports. Actually I new very few about video formats. I know some extentions(like avi, mp4, mov etc...) and I know that with the same extention can be different formats. If there is a way to extend list of supported formats and a way during upload to get error if this format is not supported? Thanks! =
  10. Hello, I try to install microsoft fonts as it is written here https://www.ostechnix.com/install-microsoft-windows-fonts-ubuntu-16-04/ sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer and sudo fc-cache -f -v and even restarted the OS I thought that is all. and I see this package installed : https://imgur.com/a/s65iG1M But I do not see any additive fonts like Times, Courier I found directory /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts, but it is empty. Did I miss some steps ? Thanks!
  11. Hello, Installing laravel 5.7 app under docker(based on php:7.2-apache ) I need to use "/public" in my url to run my app, so root url of my app is I modified .env of my laravel app as APP_URL= But it did not help, as I browser I got image url : which way is invalid, as valid way must be : The similar way with ajax requests, as I got invalid ways : But valid must be In my docker-compose.yml : version: '3.1' services: web: build: context: ./web dockerfile: Dockerfile.yml environment: - APACHE_RUN_USER=www-data volumes: - ${APP_PATH_HOST}:${APP_PTH_CONTAINER} ports: - 8081:80 working_dir: ${APP_PTH_CONTAINER} composer: image: composer:1.8 volumes: - ${APP_PATH_HOST}:${APP_PTH_CONTAINER} working_dir: ${APP_PTH_CONTAINER} command: composer install and in .env of docker project : # PATHS DB_PATH_HOST=./databases APP_PATH_HOST=./Votes APP_PTH_CONTAINER=/var/www/html/ How to set root url of my site with “/public” ? Thanks!
  12. Hello, can you advice some simple in using app under kubuntu 18 for making of images with text like https://imgur.com/a/LHHmHj0 based ion some fine looking templates. Free. I use gimp, very few, main features, but seems it does not have similar functionality ? Thanks!
  13. Could you, please, be more detailed? maybe with refs to similar example ? I know how to read width of the current device with viewport like that function getDevice() { var viewport = { width: $(window).width(), height: $(window).height() }; if (typeof param != "undefined") { if (param.toLowerCase() == 'width') { return viewport.width; } if (param.toLowerCase() == 'height') { return viewport.height; } } return viewport; } and depending on width of the device to set width of the video container with JS ... But that is good for width, but what with height. If there is no width/height set I can not set valid height parameters and it can not be any value like "auto"
  14. Could you, please, be more detailed? maybe with refs to similar example ?
  15. Hello! I use https://videojs.com/ library in my laravel 5.7 / Blade / jquery /Bootsrap 4.1 app and the question is if there is a way to change width of loaded video depending on device to fit parent div for video block? This plugin give possibility to set width/height automatically (It is commented now in the code below) I tried to wrap the video block with div with set width(or max-width) : <div class="row"> <div class="block_container_internal"> {{--width="640" height="264"--}} <video id="video_page_content_{{ $nextPageContentVideo->id }}" class="video-js" controls preload="auto" poster="/images/video_poster.jpg" data-setup="{}"> <source src="{{ $next_video_url }}" type='video/mp4'> <source src="{{ $next_video_url }}" type='video/webm'> <p class="vjs-no-js"> To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that <a href="https://videojs.com/html5-video-support/" target="_blank">supports HTML5 video</a> </p> </video> </div> </div> in css of device : .block_container_internal { width: 390px !important; padding-right: 5px; padding-left: 5px; } but anyway video block get all width of the screen. I reviewed the docs on the site, but did not find any options I uploaded this problem online http://votes.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/about Please look at ipad device : https://imgur.com/a/GPXm3gi As I do not want to show video at full possible with, I would like to change width of video container with wrapping div, but failed. Thanks!

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