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  1. I have a query that returns a result enclosed in [ ] and I want to remove these brackets I can successfully get rid of the right or left bracket but not both using a trim TRIM(Trailing ']' FROM g.field_value) AS Genre but if i add a TRIM(leading '[' i get an error if the characters were both the same then TRIM(both ']' will work but they are not Do you have a solution
  2. yes that is simple but that brings in all the fields in the table, I want to limit it to the name and plan id Ant then I need the PHP to place it onto a page
  3. Hi There I do not have enough php knowledge to achieve this simple task but I am guessing that someone here will be able to quickly help I have a successful query that returns members names and and a membership plan ID The data base name is wapja908_joom389 SELECT CONCAT( `first_name`," " , `last_name`) AS name,`plan_id`as plan FROM `josgw_osmembership_subscribers` where `plan_subscription_status` =1 ORDER BY `plan_id` I would like to be able to place this list into a web page, , the site is joomla based any help would be appreciated
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