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  1. To expand on that....If you or anyone is familiar with the buddypress plugin, I guess my main (and very broad) question is which files would I have to modify if I want to add a field similar to the "Group Name" and "Group Description"?
  2. Sorry, should've clarified that. The Buddypress plugin.
  3. If anyone is familiar with modifying php files in wordpress, I am in desperate need of your help. Here is my situation: I've added some fields in the "create group" php file, beyond just the default "Group Name" and "Group Description" fields. The problem I have is that after the Group is created and I go to the "Manage" page of the Group, only what I've filled out for the "Group Name" and "Group Description" fields have been saved and carried over to that page; the other fields I've filled out are empty. I know this is probably an extremely simple thing to do for a person well-versed in php, but I am by no means a programmer and would just like these simple additions for my page. I have been trying for the past week to get this straightened out, but nothing is working. Please help me .
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