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  1. Thanks for your reply! Let me translate it directly: Entry Process limit Entry Process is a block to DDoS and Botnet attacks. It is known as "Apache concurrent connection limit". Each PHP process, crontab or SSH connection is considered as 1 process. The limit is 100 and after 100 connection, other connections from the website will wait at loading process and wait in the queue for other processes to finish. Also, 100 concurrent connections are pretty enough to me. But I was wondering what would happen if there would be a function queue or not. Basically what I'm asking is, if there are 100 requests to one specific file which returns data from MySQL, would the server execute the same function with different queries 100 times at the same time or would it wait for other function to finish.
  2. Hey! I am planning to make a not so complicated online resource management game in PHP. I'm gonna use a shared hosting and my hosting provider limits my websites concurrent connections to 100 (due to protection). They say that if there are for example 105 connections at the same time, the last 5 will have to wait for others requests complete. That's understandable. But I'm wondering if this applies to PHP pages as well. For example, let's say that I have a return_resources.php that returns the data taken from MySQL in JSON format. And assume that each request takes 0.2 seconds. What happens if there are 105 requests at the same time? Will it return the MySQL data for first 100 users and then the other 5 (assuming that there is no request to other files)? Or will it return the data one by one (this is what I'm afraid of) that could make the last user wait 21 seconds? If the second option is the answer, is there a way to make the code async to make it able to serve more users at the same time? Thanks.
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