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  1. Hi there people I am in some bit of a situtation.. I need to be able to create a URL that redirects to an ip, however i need the url to have username and password that will transfer to the ip. Basically i want to give out the url to each user and for them to type there username/password at the end example http://url.goeshere.co.uk/username/password USER1 - http://url.goeshere.co.uk/user1/pass1 USER2 - http://url.goeshere.co.uk/user2/pass2 Both urls will then redirect to my ip and will need to be able to send the username and password also example http://my_ip:port/get.php?username=username&password=password&type=m3u&output=ts USER1 redirects to http://my_ip:port/get.php?username=user1&password=pass1&type=m3u&output=ts USER2 redirects to http://my_ip:port/get.php?username=user2&password=pass2&type=m3u&output=ts
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