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  1. Any more cheek and i'll throw the book at you , so i will.
  2. furlongs lol... 'something like that' anyone care to look at rightmove and tell me what the hell is going on under the hood? could be ' typeahead' j.s . with a json file of postcodes and counties,.Could be ajax calling the locations from the database... just because i type ajax into google doessnt mean that is the correct way to do it... sweet jesus mother of god.... its like getting blood from bent coppers round here, so it is
  3. nice,,so i can set the radius from the selected lat/long of the properties. Rightmove only lets you search minimum 1/4 mile radius which is to large... 1/8 mile be ideal.
  4. They have a big database of locations. Probably purchased from and/or subscribed to a service that tracks stuff like that so they don't have to try to stay up to date themselves. interesting. so do you think they use Ajax to get the locations from a database or would it be an API.... once a user selects e.g. Islington, London . does this then add that as a $variable to a select statement to the database to create a list of properties on the next page ? $location = islington select * from table where $location
  5. Hi, i'am looking for best practices in 2019 for Search on a website. Very similar to rightmove / zoopla etc. 1) They allow the user to search by county / postcode / town. How is this list populated in the drop down? is it a list of towns in a plugin which are then used as variables to populate the mysql select query,, or is it ajax populating the search input with a call to the db... Reason iam confused it i know of a site with no property in a certain area but the list still predicts the area ...i.e. if no matching address is in the db how is it populating? 2) t
  6. "Composer is a dependency management tool." could you translate that for me... what does the actually mean in english do you think. thx
  7. thx for your time but iam now equally confused.. Have you ever seen a search table / bar on a real estate property site? it uses functions to query the database or the xml file with xpath. where would you begin to search for these ready made functions ( granted i know i would have to fill in the gaps with my own data... think of it more like this: i want a hamburger. I could make a hamburger ( function) but macdonalds makes lots of ready made burgers.. so , iam looking for directions of how to get to macdonalds..... to eat..... a burger / functi
  8. I have been teaching myself xml manipulation as well as db queries to create a detailed search engine for users ( a bit like rightmove uses to search through property and allow user to change e.g.. how many bedrooms or status of sold or available.. I could keep on this path for another few weeks but i cant help thinking there must be php function library that will basically give me the scripts i need to set up a real estate website with all the functions i need for searching property .. i dont mean wordpress either.... this is terrible experience and trying to glue the xml feeds
  9. fair one ... will see what happens when use the main db.
  10. this is how it looks now but i dont get the last id i get (0) in the pictures and they still dont loop so i get 1 picture. $sql = "INSERT INTO properties( instructedDate, price_text, bedrooms, priority, advert_heading, brochure) VALUES ('". $instructedDate ."','". $price_text ."','". $bedrooms ."','". $priority ."','". $advert_heading ."','". $brochure ."')"; $prop_id = mysqli_insert_id($conn); foreach ($xml->branches->branch->properties->property->pictures->picture as $rows) $pictures = (string)$rows->filename; //$sql2 = "INSERT INTO pictures(pr
  11. 'Do you realise that the code you posted does not execute any queries?' ha yes,,i print onto screen .. otherwise i would be up to about 5000 unique id's if kept sending it to db while i sort this code out. i cant get my head round your example! where does it go in relation to my code. come on...iam so close.
  12. maybe that was lost in translation.. yes i have a primary key for every image. = picture_id in my case. So i have 3 columns in the pictures table. So, how to get many pictures belonging to each product into the table with the same property_id . Any chance you could could edit my example..cant follow your foreach example.
  13. Happy Thursday ! I will try to ruin it for you. I have an xml file with products in it and i use xpath to get out what i need from the file. Nested in each product are all the elements = $variables below. i need the pictures of which there may be upto 20 in each product to go into a seperate mysql table because its relational. but have the same id as the property table. i have managed to get the first picture to behave this way by using Last_insert_id . What i cant do is get the remaining pictures->picture->filename (nested) ; to insert into the table with the co
  14. great thanks... you actually answered all my questions you couldnt understand at the end with your other answers.. SO database is better to store use simplexml to get the xml and then use php to insert the xml into a database..( a cron job can be set up to do this automatically) Sounds simple out loud but you would be amazed how hard it is to get this method confirmed as the correct way to do something... Even in massive big php books xml only gets about 1 page..... i suppose i didnt get answer onn how you put all the elements into the databas
  15. Also is best method to use php with the cron job or can you update db directly (using mysql on phpmyadmin)
  16. many thanks... so what is simplexml for ? i thought the database option was most logical but got thrown by the use of this tool . also when it comes to insert/update the database , would i set up a php statement for every element of a property (there are 4 fileds (tables) and over 50 eleements. Do you hand write in every element to the code and the table titles? i dont mind doing this as once its done once thats it.. but interested in the logic of xml to database to website.... nb.. is simplexml used to display basic information from an rss / api type feed... ?
  17. 1) Feed comes from a CRM which is a third party. I will be creating a website that uses the feed to display over 100 products from the feed. 2) The feed is updated every 1 hour. 3) The data is property for estate agents..so basically a web site for an estate agents. There are plugins for this on wordpress but i dont want to use them as i want full control of the data. hope this helps...
  18. Before i get slaughtered on stack i wanted to reask a question i cant get an answer to....sorry. XML Project. What is the pro way of handling xml data feed from a crm which i will eventually display the content on a searchable website….? Do you use simplexml or do you dump the ftp file into a database and then call what you need with php/html? Do you update a mysql database with a cron job / php script ? If so i want to overwrite the old data with the fresh data, is this possible? Why do we use simplexml? I ve tested it today and i like the way you can extract wh
  19. . iam sure what you said is correct.... all the other elements will only have 1 entry.. example : table 1 Properties bullet1 bullet2 bullet3..... bullet 10 they are predefined values put in by the user of the crm... Thanks.. DO i still have to manually put the fields in the table in by hand though? ii could have done it by now tbf but i wanted to see if more speedier way to set up the db..
  20. that makes sense... so you might have many tables for an xml file with this many elements..i can feel a plugin coming on? in this case a table would be branches, properties, rooms, pictures, floorplans.. And do you have to name all the fields in the table by hand or can you use a 'flat file' ?? i find all the buzz words i just cant piece them together.
  21. i read this yes...it tells me how to use it but doesnt tell me what is does... what does loadxml do? does it mean it creates the table column names automatically?
  22. Hi,,HAs anyone ever worked on .xml files with many elements in them. iam working on an xml project which i will eventually receive a feed from the xml provider , but having same issue understanding the process. I have a .xml practice file/doc and its for property on the market.. example below of content ( this is a practice file the feed provider releases to 'help' with set up..) <?xml version="1.0"?> -<agency name="Baxters Group" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> -<branch
  23. And i use 4.6.4 ...typical. where does it say its fixed? just some thread that goes nowhere when i read it. but thanks,,,do you think this is the issue?
  24. only for testing purposes.. i think this is the issue as i get same errors. https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/12080
  25. i'am trying to get the users rank so i can display their rank in a div.. i.e you are 30 out of 400 users at getting sales. So far i ve managed to get the order of the users but thats it: i count the date_mades as sales made to get the totals. SELECT usr_id, count(date_made) as dater, @curRank := @curRank + 1 AS rank FROM firsts group BY usr_id order by dater desc gives me : usr_id dater rank 1 20 NULL 16 3 NULL 3 2 NULL 5 1 NULL 9 1 NULL 22 1 NULL 25
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