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    Making a News Website! Need help!

    yeah that's what I'm doing. I'm using PHP and MySQL. but I'm bit confused with the database. How many tables should I have in my database? Since there so many sections in news like national, international, sports, entertainment, business. currently I have only two. One for categories and other for news which has all the title, description,category,details, image and date. Is it okay if I only use two tables?
  2. soche123

    Making a News Website! Need help!

    hello friends, I'm making a website that will have daily news on sports, world affairs, national and other stuff. But I'm facing two problems right now. 1. How do I display a news article on a separate page? Do I have to create a new page for every headline on the index page?so when user clicks on the headline he is is located to the detail of that page address? How do I handle loading detail article? 2. Second problem I'm having is how do I manage information date wise?I mean sure I want current date data displayed on the index page but same time I want user to access the older data when they perform queries. Please help me. I'm a beginner and I don't have any idea how to do this.

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