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  1. Anywhere I can find a good app for building... Also my thread for seeking a dev didnt post I dont think... I am selling equity in my company and patent for dev work...
  2. Hey there, This is my first post, I was advised to come look for a dev here on this forum. I have a patent pending for awarding sequential auction wins on a virtual game board... I plan to give sellers final value fees back to buyers as discounts. This is a multiplayer game where every active buyer with a current bid can access the game which involves auctions that end soon. Sellers can even score big if their auctions are in a highly valued placement coordinated with other expensive auctions... Giving a territory value moreover the price of the physical item. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oso0HWzp5Y That is my concept video for now... NEED someone who will develop for equity in the business/intellectual property... No time wasters please. You either love it or goodbye.
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