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  1. Hi, Installed Apache, PHP and MySQL in Windows 10, all working fine and running. But, when testing PHP to connect to MySQL (using mysqli and PDO), both aren't working. Checked phpinfo, there have mysqlnd installed. Please help, thanks!
  2. Hi, I am new to php . Installed WAMP server on window 10. icon showing only 1 of 2 service started. not showing index page on local host. Why is it so? Can anyone please help me out to solve this issue. Thanks!
  3. Leanneschlueter

    Can't access php files in folder using XAMPP

    Hi, Thank You So much mac_gyver for your reply. Your information has really helped me a lot. Leanneschlueter
  4. Hi, I have troubles accessing my php files in a folder. When I click on the folder, it brings me to a page on chrome which says "Bad data passed, return to home (which is a hyperlink to the actual website)". Then when I click on the hyperlink, it runs on an online server of the main page instead of local host. How do I fix this problem? Thanks!
  5. Leanneschlueter

    Holding values in textarea PHP

    HI All, How to hold the values in text area using PHP validation. Can anyone please help? Thanks!

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