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  1. Debugging your code & find error in each line. Check your text line in debugging a.appendChild(linkText);
  2. I am sharing a link . I hope this link is very useful for you. http://bit.ly/2CwwkBH
  3. Which is the best php framework among these ? 1. Laravel 2. CakePHP 3. CodeIgniter Framework
  4. If you want to hire the best Php developers at affordable price. The NineHertz is the right place for you. It is a leading mobile & web applications development company. It also provides open source development like Joomla development, Php Developer, Wordpress development, Magento development and Drupal development services.
  5. you need to create one more table with header tags.. For example: <table> <th>PHP</th> <tr>developer</tr> </table> If you have double post on a single table.Please remove duplicate data from the table.
  6. Thanks for your code but you should provide more data with check boxes in details.
  7. Please let me know about How to connect MySQL database from a PHP script. Thank you
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