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  1. putting a simple IF statement around the $adj code didnt make any difference either; if ($j==0) { $adj=''; } else { for($k=0, $adj=''; $k<$j; $k++){ $adj .= "<td width='117' height='117' align='left' valign='top'></td>\n"; } }
  2. Hi guys, i'm back with more calender/scheduler woes! Off the back of some very helpful guidance on this forum i resolved the layout issues i was havving dealing with the start of the month (topic: https://forums.phpfreaks.com/topic/306821-php-schedulercalender/). However, now im having problems with the display on two of the 12 months and i cant understand why its happening. If you look at the demo here: http://sgindustries.co.uk/test/test.php?v=month&m=3&y=2018 you can see it displays perfectly for all months apart from April and July when the layout is all screwed up! The onl
  3. Well, wouldn't you know. I played about with a few locations in the code to place the $adj variable and BOOM! problem resolved and layout is now perfect! Thanks guys for ou help and guidance
  4. yeah i tried that and i cant get the layout to stay correct. it either fills the page with empty cells apart from todays date or just one long table with no content! this is having my life i tell you!
  5. Hi guys, im working on a project for a client at work and they want a scheduler/calendar integrating into their web application. I have built the calendar however i cant get the first line to display correctly. it always starts within the first cell rather than the the correct one for the corresponding day (see below screenshot); here is the code that generates the above layout, am i missing something obvious or can somebody ppoint out where im going wrong as its driving me mad! $month=gmdate("m");} // Find today's month $day=gmdate("d"); // Finds today's date $year=gmdate("Y");
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