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  1. It's ok, I found the reason why it didn't do anything. So silly... I forgot the semi colon at the end...
  2. $rows[0][2]->val = preg_match("/\b[0-9]{6,6}-[0-9]{4,4}\b/", $rows[0][2]->val) $rows[0][2]->val = preg_replace("/\b[0-9]{6,6}-[0-9]{4,4}\b/", "Match", $rows[0][2]->val); Hi there. First question on the forum :-) I have a working code that uses the preg_replace but I would like to use the preg_match as to simply output a Match/No match I experimented with (I don't know why the code block goes on top) but I don't get any result. From what I understand I should get a 1 or 0. I probably do something wrong?
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