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  1. Hey Guys, I've been digging around this 3d printing stuff since I found this 'Batman Signal Light', I've literally started saving up. https://pinshape.com/items/45138-3d-printed-signal-night-light-base-for-batman-superman-justice-league Not sure how good it works but love to find a proper 3D printer that can help me create it. I've been researching and so far I' down to these three: Makerbot (Seems to be the popular choice) Rova 3D FDM printer (I heard FDM is good in the long run because it's cheaper). and finally Raise 3d Printer. Which ones do you own or recommend?
  2. Nice content rich site but I think you need to make the text (Headline) and the images a bit more smaller and compact. You need to give that 'sleek' look rather than a billboard look that you have going on right now. Nice to see the call to action, etc is right on top.
  3. 1. Yes you do need a separate page. Its just better for SEO this way. 2. You can look into RSS feeds as well. If you use a CMS like Wordpress, they have a few plugins for what you are trying to accomplish as well.
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