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  1. Hi. I have been looking at a new and currently well looked at web page. In this there is a picture of a woman in a black flowery dress. When you scroll up and down she stays put and the image is scrolled. Interested in how this is done. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/speedo-mick-finishes-walk-lands-3875753
  2. No I don't want a web browser. I want a computer operating system. I have a spare SSD 500G drive so I can do this without affecting my current system. I have been to the following web pages in turn and downloaded the following. https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-dvd/ https://www.debian.org/CD/ https://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/ https://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/#stable https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-dvd/ debian-10.2.0-amd64-DVD-1 to -3 I have a creative labs sound blaster and an Nvida add on graphics card (very new) UPDATE I go to ... https://www.oracle.com/solaris/solaris11/downloads/solaris-downloads.html https://www.oracle.com/solaris/solaris11/downloads/solaris11-install-downloads.html Where do I go from here? I see lots of 32 bit operating systems. No 64 bit.
  3. I know that a lot of you php programmers use the Unix based system. I tried this years ago. I even got hold of a DVD I think it was lynx. I installed it and it ran fine. It got to the point where it asked to get updates on the internet. I agreed but that is where it stopped. I believe that it could not get updates for drivers as it need my internet router and my computer (with this new software) did not have drivers for the internet router. That was over 5 years ago. So could you pros tell me how to do this. Computer speck (I live in the UK) M5A78L-M-USB3 Router is a Talk Talk super fast broad band (1G) modern router. I would like to seriously go for this now. I know there are some experts here. I do PHP but it is on MICROSOFT WINDOWS
  4. Paul-D

    Using # on Unix

    Hi this is not a PHP problem it is a unix/linux problem.I have been going through my banking website and found a folder /#/login I have never seen # used as a folder. Can someone tell me if I can do this and what symbols are available.
  5. Hi I call a function with values of 51 and 100 but the function receives values 1 and 50 <?php // EmilyMoor Version 1.0.0 05-07-2019 Desmond O'Toole. ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); require("../secure/SecureFunctions.php"); require("secure/SecureFunctionsEmilyMoor.php"); $page = "Emily Moor"; session_start(); $Browser = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; if (!isset($_SESSION["PageValue"])) $_SESSION["PageValue"] = '1'; $_SESSION["PageValue"] = 2; // Keeps going back to 1 if($_SESSION["PageValue"] == 1) { $_SESSION["StartValue"] = 1; $_SESSION["EndValue"] = 50; } if($_SESSION["PageValue"] == 2) { $_SESSION["StartValue"] = 51; $_SESSION["EndValue"] = 100; } if($_SESSION["PageValue"] == 3) { $_SESSION["StartValue"] = 101; $_SESSION["EndValue"] = 150; } if($_SESSION["PageValue"] == 4) { $_SESSION["StartValue"] = 151; $_SESSION["EndValue"] = 200; } if($_SESSION["PageValue"] == 5) { $_SESSION["StartValue"] = 201; $_SESSION["EndValue"] = 250; } if($_SESSION["PageValue"] == 6) { $_SESSION["StartValue"] = 251; $_SESSION["EndValue"] = 300; } echo $_SESSION["PageValue"] . " - " . $_SESSION["StartValue"] . " - " . $_SESSION["EndValue"] . "<br>"; $qStationDetails = GetChanelInfo($_SESSION["StartValue"],$_SESSION["EndValue"]); $rs = mysql_fetch_array($qStationDetails) or die ("E3001-101A"); $Name = $rs['Description']; ?> function GetChanelInfo($StartCH, $EndCH) // E2004 { echo "Channels = " . $StartCH . " " . $EndCH . "<br>"; // values are 1 and 50 $sqlChanelInfo = "SELECT * FROM TV_EmilyMoor WHERE ID >= $StartCH and ID <= $EndCH"; echo $sqlChanelInfo . "<br />"; $qChanelInfo = mysql_query($sqlChanelInfo) or die ("E3004-01A"); return $qChanelInfo; }
  6. No that doesn't always work. If websites use Name="Name" for an input form which they do. You can get auto complete to work the wrong way. I don't want to turn off auto complete. As for To have a variable name value means a headache for your receiving script which has to figure out what to call that specific field when having simple static values is so much easier. $Comment_Name = $_SESSION['COMMENT_NAME']; $Comment = $_POST[$Comment_Name];
  7. ginerjm seems to have done this. What I have been doing is using a variable into the name of the text box. This has worked before. I use dechex(time()) and use this as the name. The reason is that some of the older web pages got screwed up by a web browser trying to artificial intelligent and complete what I am entering based on the name of the text box. I then store the name in a session variable so the update page can use it for the name of the text box. Hope this makes $Comment_Name = dechex(time()); $_SESSION['COMMENT_NAME'] = $Comment_Name; and for the text box <input type="text" maxlength="32" size="42" name= "<?=$Comment_Name?>"; value="<?=$SE_Comment?>"> This has worked before but can't work out how I did it.
  8. I have a text box on page 1 that has a unique changing value using $Comment_Name = dechex(time()); $_SESSION['COMMENT_NAME'] = $Comment_Name; // Lines 42/43 Comment&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <input type="text" maxlength="32" size="42" name= "<?=$Comment_Name?>"; value="<?=$SE_Comment?>">&nbsp;&nbsp;Max 32 Characters As the name of the text box is stored in a session variable then it should be a simple mater of retrieving the value on page 2. /****************************/ $CommentID = $_SESSION['COMMENT_NAME']; if($direction == "Add record") { $Comment_Name = $_SESSION['COMMENT_NAME']; $_SESSION['DE_MyReason'] = $_POST['Reason']; // Keep the default regardless $_SESSION['DE_Money_In'] = $_POST['MoneyIn']; $_SESSION['DE_Money_Out'] = $_POST['MoneyOut']; $_SESSION["DE_DD_Entry"] = $_POST['DD_Entry']; $_SESSION["DE_MM_Entry"] = $_POST['MM_Entry']; $_SESSION["DE_Comment"] = $_POST[$CommentID]; /* This should retreve the posted value */ Any help on this please?
  9. Hi I want the border to be red not the entire contents <div style="width:650px;height:230px;padding:10px;border:solid;color:red;"> Des </div>
  10. Cant close this topic. Wanted to but have a new problem. When I look at the page in google chrome I get This page isn’t working ... ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS But works fine in firefox. I am not doing any redirecting only if I haven't logged in then back to the log in page.
  11. www.desmond-otoole.co.uk/secure/securefunctions.php /bank/admin/index.php what should I do in the index.php file to access securefunctions.php require("../secure/SecureFunctions.php"); require("../../secure/SecureFunctions.php"); require("www.desmond-otoole.co.uk/secure/SecureFunctions.php"); Nothing seems to work I just get a stupid google chrome page saying This page isn’t working
  12. Thanks echo date('Y-m-d', strtotime('first day of last month')); is beeter than $date = new DateTime('first day of last month'); But how do I get a php.ini into the system for future class related programming I have [Date] date.timezone=Europe/London Will it be picked up automatically or as a shared server be ignored?
  13. Do I relay have to do all this in PHP 5.0? <?php $Date = time(); $Month = date('m' ,$Date); $Year = date('Y' ,$Date); $Month -= 1; if ($Month == 0) { $Month = 12; $Year -= 1; } $Date = $Year . "-" . $Month . "-01"; echo $Date; ?>
  14. would CURDATE() + INTERVAL 5 DAY take me back to the first of the previous month. In this case 1st December 2018 ? ? ? ? ?
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