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    Hi thanks for your suggestions. I should have used another inline php <option value="<?=$days?>" BUT your echo and keep everything inside PHP script better and I have never used foreach (range(1, 31) as $number ALSO when I use a loop to create the days drop down and view source i get... <select name="DD_Balance" style="width:40px"> <option value="1" >1<option value="2" >2<option value="3" >3<option value="4" >4<option value="5" SELECTED >5<option value="6" >6<option value="7" >7<option value="8" >8<option value="9" >9<option value="10" >10<option value="11" >11<option value="12" >12<option value="13" >13<option value="14" >14<option value="15" >15<option value="16" >16<option value="17" >17<option value="18" >18<option value="19" >19<option value="20" >20<option value="21" >21<option value="22" >22<option value="23" >23<option value="24" >24<option value="25" >25<option value="26" >26<option value="27" >27<option value="28" >28<option value="29" >29<option value="30" >30<option value="31" >31</select> But the months that have been done manually are <select name="MM_Balanc style="width:60px"> <option value="1" >Jan <option value="2" >Feb <option value="3" >Mar <option value="4" >Apr <option value="5" >May etc
  2. Paul-D


    Hi I have some website code that has worked fine up to now. I enter a day / month and / year. I tried to change the txt box for the day into a drop down list. and the submission $_POST fails. This works <input style="text-align:right;" type="text" size="1" maxlength="2" name="DD_Balance" value="<?=$_SESSION["DD_Balance"]?>">&nbsp;/&nbsp; This doesn't <select name="DD_Balance" style="width:40px"> <? for($days=1;$days<32;$days++) {?> <option value=$days <? if ($_SESSION["DD_Balance"] == $days){?> SELECTED <?}?>><?=$days?> <? } ?> </select> Confused as the names of the objects are the same. Also view text is all screwed up on several lines not underneath each other.
  3. Paul-D


    Is there a server variable that holds the full url including the page name.php TIA Paul
  4. Paul-D

    Date time comparisons

    Maybe turn them into a time stamp subtract them and just print out $c = date('d H:i:s' ,$time);
  5. Paul-D

    Date time comparisons

    Thanks for these. These are useful functions but in my case I am extracting to date time values from different tables not in the same SQL so I think I need a PHP solution. $a = "2018-08-26 12:20:00" $b = "2018-08-27 13:30:05" So $c would be either 1 day : 1 hour: 10 minutes: and 5 seconds OR 25 hours 10 minutes: 5 seconds. Sorry not so strait forward.
  6. Paul-D

    Date time comparisons

    Hi I have 2 MySQL date times I want to subtract them and display the number of hours minutes and seconds (seconds optional) I could have days but would be happy if the hours were more than 24. Thanks. Paul.
  7. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `rain-accounts`; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `rain-accounts` ( `rainID` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL, `AccountDate` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; INSERT INTO rain-accounts (rainID , AccountDate) VALUES ('5b6acefb' , '2018-08-08'); It was originaly INSERT INTO rain-accounts (rainID , date) VALUES ('5b6acefb' , '2018-08-08'); But I thought that you may not be able to have a field called date.

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