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    Easy ? Display Array values

    Hi everyone and thank you for your help. FYI, I just solved it with this code: <?php echo implode(",",$fields['enjeux']['value']);?> Many many thanks again!! Valérie
  2. ThalieMTL

    Easy ? Display Array values

    Thanks for your quick response benanamen ! Hum... OK but the data is collected and stored by a WP plugin named Ninja Forms. Their basic pdf was only saying: <html><head> <link type="text/css" href="<?php echo $css_path; ?>" rel="stylesheet" /> </head><body> <h1><?php echo $title; ?></h1> <?php echo $table; ?> </body></html> And the fields were very well displayed, separated by commas... I needed to customize the PDF so I recreated it field by field.
  3. ThalieMTL

    Easy ? Display Array values

    Hi, It's my first time here. I'm not a coder but I sometimes need to find solutions by myself so here I am... I think this one will be easy for all of you. I generate a PDF displaying data from fields on a DB They all display very well except the multiple choices. Here is an exerpt of my code; I tried the implode code to display my values separated by commas but in the document it stil displays "Array" (screenshot enclosed) instead of something like: "Sante mentale, Reussite scolaire, Environnement sain " And I obviously don't know what's wrong... <tr><td><?php echo $fields['prenomact']['value']; ?> <?php echo $fields['nomact']['value']; ?></td><td><?php echo $fields['titreact']['value']; ?></td></tr> <tr><td><?php echo $fields['courrielact']['value']; ?></td><td><?php echo $fields['telact']['value']; ?></td></tr> <tr><td>Enjeux visés: <?php $fields['enjeux']=implode(",", $array); echo $fields['enjeux']['value'];?></td><td>territoire: <?php echo $fields['territoire']['value']; ?></td></tr> <tr><td>Participation des enfants: <?php echo $fields['niveauparticipation']['value']; ?></td><td>Nombre d'enfants participants : <?php echo $fields['nbenfants']['value']; ?></td></tr> Thanks in advance for your help, Valérie

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